Stephen Moyer Presenting At The Emmys Video

September 23, 2009 by  

stephen-moyer-emmy-presentingAt the 61st Annual Emmy Awards, scenes from Alan Ball‘s HBO vampire drama True Blood were featured prominently in the video introduction to the Drama awards category.  Stephen Moyer (Bill Compton) then took the stage alongside David Boreanaz of Bones to present the awards for Outstanding Guest Actor and Actress to Michael J. Fox and Ellen Bursten.  Later in the evening, True Blood went on to win the fan-selected Breakthrough Performance Emmy. Congratulations to Alan Ball, Stephen Moyer, and all the True Blood writers, cast, and crew!

The video below shows Stephen Moyer and True Blood highlights from the Emmy Awards broadcast.

  • lilly

    Thank you so much for putting this up i have been searching for a couple of days to find it with no luck.. When i heard that the two of them were presenting together i had a little fangirl flail..Now ive seen the clip i’m flailing again LOL.
    Two very charming men!!

  • Nia

    Thank you for posting the video clip of True Blood highlights at the Emmys. I only watched the Emmys because Stephen was presenting. He was handsome, sexy, charming, and witty as usual. True Blood was well represented in him.
    True Blood winning “breakthrough show” was because of the incredible fan base voting. Our voices were loudly heard. Perhaps next year will be the year for True Blood, and we will see real nominations. We can only hope.