Tell Stephen “Happy Birthday” by Contributing to ‘Steve’s Coach Campaign!’

October 11, 2009 by  


Stephen Moyer is having a birthday this Sunday, October 11th, and we here at in conjunction with the Brentwood Theater (Stephen is their ‘first patron’ and supporter as many will remember from the Brentwood ‘Buy a Brick’ program) would like to kick off a campaign to help both the theater and children around the UK have a little holiday present on us and give you a way to SEND YOUR BIRTHDAY WISHES TO STEPHEN! Brentwood is producing ‘THE TWITS‘ over the holidays but because of the economy (yes theirs is as bad as ours) their ticket sales are a bit slower than usual AND less children are actually able to come because the school programs which normally send them have been cut.  The key problem is transportation as the schools can’t afford to hire them this year.  Some of these kids have never been on a field trip nor even seen the sea (which is not too long a drive from the theater).

So we’d like all you True Blood and Stephen Moyer fans to step up and help both the theater and these kids have a great holiday.  The coaches aren’t that expensive only 500 pounds (or $800 US), so if 100 of us donated 5 pounds (only 8 dollars!) we could send a group of kids to the theater to see ‘The Twits’ and hopefully to the coast to see the ocean, help the theater sell tickets and bring in income to keep the theater going and say ‘Happy Birthday’ to Stephen.  That’s right, your personal message that you include in your email will be forwarded on to Stephen Moyer!  How cool is that?

And just to show how well received the idea is, the first person donating is Stephen‘s mum!  When she heard about the campaign she contacted Brentwood immediately remarking, “What a lovely idea!”.  Well we think so too so to kick it off from this side of the pond we’re pledging $150 for now (hopefully we’ll be able to toss a bit more in later)!  This campaign will not end with Stephen‘s birthday on Sunday (it will run right up to the holidays) but we’d like to get some donations into the pot to get things rolling as a thank you to Brentwood for honing his acting talents, his mom for birthing him and Stephen himself for bringing Vampire Bill to life.

How it will work is this:  Email us by clicking on the letter icon at the top right hand side of your screen stating how much you are pledging and including your personal Happy Birthday greeting to Stephen. We will forward your emails to Mark and he will send you a paypal invoice which you can pay by credit or debit card and forward your personal message to Stephen!  We’d love it if you commented below as well!

(Photo credit: Kasandra Rose)