Stephen Moyer Aspires to Be ‘Grizzly’

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True Blood’s ‘Vampire Bill’ Wishes To Emulate H’wood Legends:

Stephen Moyer HBO's True Blood

Stephen Moyer, famous for his role as Vampire Bill on HBO‘s True Blood, recently spoke about the type of actor he admires and the kind of legend he’d like to become. In addition, Moyer revealed a surprisingly average, everyday off-screen annoyance he deals with.

“Jeff Bridges, Clint Eastwood and Tom Waits – grizzly old f***ers. I met Jeff Bridges at a movie convention. I said, ‘Oh my God, I love you so much!’ and he said, ‘And I love you.’ He can’t have had a clue who I was.”

Apparently Moyer would like to echo his True Blood character and live to a ripe old age — becoming a veteran in his own right.

The Star Treatment Doesn’t Cover Wrong Numbers:

Though Moyer has become a heavy-hitter in the big leagues of television and pop culture stardom, it doesn’t make him immune to occasionally suffering the annoyances of  the everyday average Joe’s life.

Case in point: Moyer’s cell phone often rings with callers seeking party supplies! Moyer explained that his cell number is almost identical to the business phone number of a party supply company in Los Angeles, resulting in queries for things like balloon helium.  Not keen on the  idea of having to change his number, he told Britain’s Marie Claire magazine:

“I’ve lived here for five years, it’s my number! It’s funny because I also know when the company’s not doing very well — occasionally I get calls from the bank.”

No doubt Stephen’s huge fanbase will see him through his grizzly old (actor) years and beyond, don’t you agree?

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  • Stephen is such a handsome man who will age well like Jeff Bridges and Clint Eastwood have and he has a sweetness about him like they do and he is a very good actor!!!

  • Nia

    Hi Lizzie and Donna!

    I so adore this very talented, sexy, gorgeous man.
    How can I not when coming to know him these past 3 years has only changed my life for the better, for that alone he has earned my eternal gratitude.

    He has given us all so much and yes, he and Anna have such incredible chemistry on and off the show. It is intoxicating!

    Hey Lizzie, you and I will definitely follow him into his Grizzly Old F*** Years. That will be a pleasure since he only gets more gorgeous with the age.

    Love you Stephen!

    • NIA! *hugs* Long time no see! How goes everything?

      I agree with you and Lizzie and Donna. I’ll definitely be following Stephen’s career for a long, long time! 🙂

  • Donna Nye

    How could anyone not know who Stephen Moyer is. He really doesn’t realize how very popular he is or True Blood is. Him and Anna makes that show.

    • Lizzie1701

      You are a girl after my own heart, Donna!!

      Yes, I bet Jeff is a Vampire Bill fan! Yes, without Stephen and Anna, TB would be another show just following a book series!

      I would also love to see Bill as a Grizzly Old F*****!!!

      Go True Blood!