Stephen Moyer at the Brentwood Theatre

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Stephen Moyer at the Brentwood Theatre Re-opening Night

Stephen Moyer at the Brentwood Theatre Re-opening Night

According to the “This is Total Essex” website (November 12, 2008) Stephen Moyer helped celebrate the grand re-opening of the Brentwood Theatre. Stephen Moyer, with a packed audience, enjoyed a performance of Fame performed by BOSSY, the youth section of Brentwood Operatic Society which is the first theatre group that Stephen performed in.

As a result of Stephen’s huge popularity in True Blood, fans in the U.S. have been finding out that he has been named “patron of the theatre” and is involved in raising funds for the restoration of the theatre. To contribute and support Stephen’s endeavors, fans in the U.S. have begun donating money for the theatre.

Stephen first performed Tom Sawyer at the age of 10 under the direction of Gaynor Wilson, who incidently was in charge of the current FAME production. Stephen revealed that his first performance outside school was with BOSSY in Gipsy Baron.

Stephen mentioned to PhoenixFM radio that it is nice to connect back with the theatre especially this particular opening night with his former tutor directing the performance.

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