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As we reported early True Blood‘s Stephen Moyer (who portrays vampire Bill Compton) is back home in his native Essex in the UK and he took the time to do an interview with local radio station, Phoenix FM last night (Wednesday, December 30, 2009) during intermission at the performance of The Twits at the Brentwood Theatre where he is the theatre’s First Patron.

During the audio interview Stephen discusses the phenomenal success of True Blood and how much his life has changed due to its success.  He describes how he tries to fly back home to the UK as often as he can and when the show is on hiatus  he tries to fit in and juggle various projects he is involved with during that short time span.  During this past hiatus he mentions how he managed to filmed four projects, “Priest“, “Ice“, “The Caller” and “Open House” which also stars his co-star and fiance, Anna Paquin and was directed by Anna‘s brother Andrew Paquin.

He was asked he felt about all the True Blood fans donating money to help with the renovations of the Brewntwood Theatre and he stunned by response of it all. The interview was conducted in the section that was funded by the North America fans and has a wall with the bricks that holds the names of all the sponsors (both and our own individual bricks are on that wall). He mentioned some of the True Blood fan sites and stated how amazed he is at all the fund-raising that has occur on his behalf including the money that was raised for coaches (buses) to transport children to the Brentwood Theatre in order to see The TWITS which was organized by us “Tell Stephen “Happy Birthday” by Contributing to ‘Steve’s Coach Campaign!’” and was widely supported by other True Blood fan sites and fans.

The campaign was a huge success and raised £1,500 (about $2,400), which paid for three schools to have coaches to take groups of students on the field trip to Brentwood Theatre to see the production of The TWITS.

As Stephen mentioned in the interview he will be returning to Los Angeles on Sunday, January 3, 20102 and will resuming filming season 3 the next day on Monday, January 4, 2010.

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SOURCE: Phoenix FM

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  • jaxx

    I have tremendous respect for someone who gives back to the community. He realizes he is truly blessed and wants to help others. That is commendable. Hope he and Anna had great holidays and please resume filming Monday. We need more spoilers and video clips from S3.

  • lizzie

    Thanks Adore Bill! I found it hard to hear, but have had a lot of background noise, so will listen again when I am back home next Tuesday.

    From what I heard, it sounded like a good interview and I also admire this man for all the travelling he does to fulfil family and work commitments!

    Soon he will be home with Anna – they have both had a hectic holiday break, it seems!

    Go Team True Blood!

  • Love his accent….one of my fav’s..then Scottish and Irish..All that’s here,Spanish….??! Plus, he seem’s like a really good man..and sexy..that doesn’t hurt, either….

  • Nia

    I enjoyed the interview immensely AdoreBill. Thanks for posting.

    Stephens beautiful voice alone is mezmerizing. I could listen to him all day, but of course I would rather look at him.
    So much was said in such a short time.
    Yes Isis, I to am proud to have been a part of the Brentwood Campaign and the money that was raised for the orphans. Wonderful!!!!

    Also kudos to Stephen for acknowledging all his fans and mentioning all the wonderful sites that have been created for him. I am proud to be a part of that as well.

    I also give him so much credit for his enthusiasm and stamina for his crazy shedule, oh sorry I mean schedual. LOL, love him.
    His constantly flying back and forth to spend time with family and his many projects. Thank goodness for his high metabolism.
    All the best to him and the soon filming of Season 3.

  • Awesome that we raised so much money to help! Also awesome that True Blood starts filming again on Monday! *happy squee*