Stephen Moyer’s The Caller Promotional Poster

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As many True Blood fans are aware Stephen Moyer was busy in Puerto Rico filming the “The Caller” along with Rachelle Lefevre back in the fall.  The thriller is currently in post-production is set to be released sometime in 2011, however the studio has released the movie’s poster and it looks fascinating.

The Caller is about a divorcee, Mary Kee (Rachelle Lefevre), who begins to receive mysterious calls on her antique phone from an unknown caller named Rose. She quickly begins to feel haunted in her own home and her fears heighten when she discovers that Rose is calling from the past. When Mary threatens to end contact with Rose, the mysterious woman threatens to harm Mary in the past, forcing Mary to come to the dawning realization that she will have to kill this person in order to survive. But how does one kill someone in the past?

Stephen Moyer plays John Guidi, Mary’s new love interest and main support.

By the look of this promotional poster it looks like a bloody good film.

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  • Nia

    I am very much looking forward to “The Caller”. It sounds like a wonderful thriller.
    Stephen headlining with Rachel, it should be amazing.

    Antonio if you like thrillers. Stephen did a psychological thriller right before True Blood and around the same time he did the emmy winning mini series with Debra Messing called “The Starter Wife”.

    This thriller is called “Restraint” and is definitely worth the watch as he plays an agoraphobic being held hostage by a pair of killers. But who really becomes the hostage and killer in the end well………..

    As for Anna, she is originally from New Zealand and still has a bit of her accent that peeks through on occasion. It is lovely and a shame we do not hear it more often.

    • Hi Nia,

      I agree with you 100% I am really excited to see this movie with Stephen in it! I have seen Restraint and I think he was FANTASTIC in it! He really knows how to play the twist in the movie in more ways then one if you know what I mean. 😉

      • Nia

        Hi AdoreBill,
        I Haven’t talked to you in a while. I think the last was
        “Team Commando”…….just so much fun!!

        Anyways I know EXACTLY what you mean!!:)

        Stephen did an amazing job headlining “Restraint”. His character seemed so innocent in the beginning, misleading us away from deeper emotional turmoil compounded with his agoraphobic affliction.
        I enjoyed watching the lead actors interviews in that film,and that Stephen took two days visiting with an agoraphobic woman to learn more about this condition.
        His female costar Teresa Palmer also touted his talent and professionalism when helping her tackle her difficult role as “Dale”.

        I am sure that once Alan Ball realized who he had when Stephen auditioned, it was an instantaneous decision to choose him for the role of Bill Compton. I mean 4 months and he could not find the right man for the job and then there was Stephen. The professionalism, talent and chemistry was undeniable.

        I have enjoyed all of the films I have seen him in. Although usually he plays the prince, hero, lover, friend, it was good to see him play the darker role in “Restraint”. It really allowed him to stretch his multitalented acting wings.

        I am sorry for getting way off topic, I could go on talking about all the films/tv I have seen Stephen in but for now I am looking forward to the new crop of films coming up.

        “The Caller” looks wonderful as well as “Priest”, just to name a few.
        We will have to discuss them further once they finally are released.
        Thank you again for puting up the poster!

        • Oh and another dark side that Stephen did a fantastic job was his portrayal in “Men Only” (another must see). Stephen’s is such an amazing actor in his ability to convey so many emotions in the slightest nuances in the twitch of his eyes or facial expressions that is so powerful and more powerful then what other actors do shouting.

          Another harder find is “The Secret” where Stephen does a marvelous job of playing a darker side. I swear there were times in it that I saw Bill Compton LOL. The movie is set in the 1800’s I believe so the sideburns are there and you see the anger that you see in Bill Compton LOL! I was mesmerized watching it! Then again Stephen does have that affect to mesmerize or glamor people with his eyes and good looks. 🙂

          • Nia

            OOOO AdoreBill, I was so tempted to mention those roles of Stephens as well but then my post would be never ending!!! LOL

            Thank you for bringing up those great movies/miniseries!
            I have seen them all and just loved him in them.

            Jason in “Men Only”…..WOW!!! There isn’t one fan of Stephens out there, that I have talked to, that wasn’t bowled over by his performance. There are many photos of him from “Men Only” and in everyone you cannot take your eyes off his beautiful face and fierce eyes. YES, they glamour and he wasn’t even playing a vampire! LOL

            And “The Secret”, I love Stephen in period pieces (also “Quills”, “Lillies”, “the Grand”, “Princes of Theives”). To put in simple terms, he just rocks them. And oh YES, he does the sideburns well!!!!
            He managed to show us how a sweet enthusiastic lover can slowly degenerate into a dark twisted disturbed young man. Frighteningly wonderful and mesmerizing like you said.

            Just briefly, Stephen also was in 2 holocaust movies. “Uprising” and “Entrusted”. All with very well known famous costars.
            Here we have typical Stephen…..romeo, lover, fighter, friend, saviour…….I just can not get enough.
            There is so much more but I had better stop now.

            JEEEEEZ can you tell I am a fan??????

            Take care AdoreBill!

            (I look forward to discussing his new films!)

  • Antonio

    It does look like a good thriller! I’m So Glad that Steve is getting more work as an actor! I’m happy for him and for All of them! Recently, I streamed an episode of the BBC vampire series Ultraviolet with him as a vampire Whoa! he was good in there!
    That british accent sounds Sophisticated! LOL
    Question: Does Ms. Paquin speak with a british/Aussie accent too when shes Not on the set?

    • Antonio

      it does look good though it will be interesting to see Steve act and Not be a vampire.

    • pbt

      I would agree that this looks very interesting and thrilling indeed. Yes, AP does speak with an accent. Alexander Skarsgard is part of the thriller “13” that is due out this summer too. Looks like we will have plenty of good movies this summer to see our True Bloods in on the larger screen. Wohoo!