Stephen Moyer Chats With The New Zealand Herald

November 12, 2009 by  

Stephen-Moyer-New-Zealand-InterviewStephen Moyer has been in New Zealand filming his latest film “Ice” before he returns back to Los Angeles to begin shooting Season 3 of True Blood in early December.  Jacqueline Smith from The New Zealand Herald had the chance to catch up with Stephen in the “bowels of the Auckland museum,” which was part of the set for “Ice,” and had a little chat with him about his time in New Zealand.

Stephen was asked what he thought about New Zealand to which he stated that he found the country to be absolutely beautiful and wished to come back again to have a better look around next time.  However, the aspect of moving there and living there with Anna would not be possible because of the demands of work to be in America six months out of the year and his kids being in London.  Though, Stephen did mention that there’s a possibility that at some point they could have a holiday home there.

Stephen makes an interesting statement in the interview about his time in Piha.  As some of you may know Cindy from Piha, New Zealand sent to us her wonderful fan encounter with Stephen, which she shared with all of us.  During the interview Stephen makes a reference to her shop, which once we informed Cindy about it she was quite happy to hear!  It seems Cindy‘s shop made quite on impression on Stephen:

“I’ve been over to Piha, and loved it, loved it. I walked up that central rock and dug some sand and took some photos. I had a wicked sandwich over there which I was very impressed by because I didn’t think I was going to find anything.  It’s so beautiful – I just want to go everywhere and look at stuff.”

Stephen is also an avid photographer as he has always made little photo diaries of all the places he has been to.

“Oh my God, I started when I was 15. And I have traveled a bit – Thailand, all over Malaysia, India, Australia – so I have quite a few. They’re not going to be of any interest to anyone else because I’m sure it’s all dull navel-gazing but I love doing it.”

Stephen explained that New Zealand feels very much like home in the fact that the landscape and greenery is very similar to where her grew up in Brentwood.

“It’s quite interesting because it reminds me of home a lot. I’m from North of London, from Brentwood in Essex. A very green, villagey kind of place and New Zealand feels very much like that. Where I’m from I would have to drive a bit further to get to water, and if I wanted to get to mountains I would have to get to Scotland but I do find New Zealand is very similar in color at least and weather. It’s fab, I love it.”

Stephen stated that in his latest film he plays the Minister of Environment Simon Peterson, who is in charge of the polar sub-committee that is monitoring the effects of global warming on the Arctic Circle. By 2020 global warming has accelerated at an enormous pace, more then anyone imaged and it maybe too late to turn the clock back.  As Stephen states that in the movie 2020 is no different from how life is today except that we survived the movie 2012 and as he puts it “I think everyone’s going to be very warm, and we’ll have nice radioactive tans if we make it that long.”


(Photo credit:  AP Photo/Chris Pizzello)