Stephen Moyer Describes True Blood Nudity as Part of the Job

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Stephen Moyer on Nudity

Stephen Moyer portraying Bill ComptonStephen Moyer was interviewed by about his work as Bill Compton on True Blood. He discussed several things, including dating and then marrying costar Anna Paquin, sex scenes on True Blood, and an unfortunate comment he made about Robert Pattinson that was picked up by media sources that spread around like wildfire.

Stephen said that he and Anna kept their relationship secret for a long time to prevent the drama that could have occurred if they had broken up and decided they hated each other. Thankfully, of course, that didn’t happen and the couple is happily married now.

Of course, marriage is something that Stephen didn’t step into lightly. First, he talked to a friend of his who made Anna’s engagement ring for him. Then, in a simple set up, Stephen proposed. He says he proposed for several reasons:

It got to the point where you are calling somebody that you intend to stay with for the rest of your life your ‘girlfriend’. That’s what I’ve called everybody I’ve ever been with – and that’s not to say that those relationships weren’t important, because they were, I’ve got two amazing kids. But it felt ridiculous to call the person that you really are going to spend the rest of your life with your ‘girlfriend’. I felt she should have a title so I could joke and say ‘the missus’, make lots of wife gags.

It probably also makes working simpler when an actor is doing sex scenes with someone they really know. Stephen says that nudity is just “part and parcel” of his job and it’s really not as glamorous as it appears to be on True Blood. In order to look their best for sex scenes, the cast of True Blood works out and they don’t eat before a scene is shot. For Stephen, if a sex scene is shot after lunch, it’s a nightmare because all he thinks about after filming a sex scene is food.

And not all sex scenes are made the same. Some of the scenes do have the cast and crew talking to each other before they’re ever filmed. Keeping up the conversation reminds everyone that sex scenes are a job, not real life. One example is a scene between Bill and Sookie from the third season that is very provocative and had people questioning whether or not the scene was consensual. Stephen talked with his fellow cast and crew-mates to make sure that everyone knew what was going on.

Stephen also commented on paparazzi and an unfortunate comment he made about Robert Pattinson. The comment referred to Pattinson’s character Edward Cullen and called him “the diet coke of vampires” among other things. Stephen said that he was asked this one day while he was trying to go somewhere with his daughter and a paparazzi wouldn’t leave him alone, so he made the comment off the cuff. He continued, saying that he’s never seen Twilight and only knows a few things about it.

Paparazzi can be annoying, but Stephen takes them all in stride. He’s grateful that anyone even cares enough about him to want to take pictures of him doing menial tasks. After all, Stephen also claims to have the best job in the world, so he’ll take the attention happily.

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