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As we all know by now, Stephen Moyer, Ryan Kwanten, and Alexander Skarsgard are all featured on covers for May 2010’s issue of DETAILS Magazine. Each one also had an interview with the magazine, and Stephen‘s in particular was pretty fantastic.

The interview opened with Stephen calling himself an “old bloke,” even though his character Bill Compton is just a baby in the vampire world of True Blood. However, Stephen seems to be referring to himself, since he does have 2 children, is engaged to costar Anna Paquin, and has lived long enough to have some life experience.

Stephen grew up in Essex and says he never wanted to do commercials, film, or TV. He was firmly a theatre student, and he said that he was a “classic theatre is going to change the world” kind of person. However, the day came when Stephen was offered a commercial job, which paid well and would only air in Scandinavia. (Of course, back then Stephen didn’t know he would end up working on True Blood and that costar Alexander Skarsgard would know about the commercial and tease him about it.) The money Stephen made off that commercial went into a boat that was moored in London’s Little Venice.

Nowadays, Stephen lives in Venice, CA and loves it there. During the interview with DETAILS Magazine (which was done at a café near his home), he was very energetic and tapped his fingers to the beat of the music that played in the background. This was something that Stephen said his character Bill wouldn’t do, since because he’s dead, he wouldn’t make unneeded movements.

In discussing his character, Stephen explained some on the reasons why there is such an attraction to vampires and to the show.  As he states there is the whole issue of bein overpowered, which may not be politically correct, but the primal aspect of it has lots of sexual connotations in it that makes it very desirable.  As Stephen describes it, the notion of skin that is fresh and pure and having a hole being made into it with something long and sharp that causes blood to be drawn and then sucked up is very sexual.  As Stephen says, “everytime I talk about it a I get a little bit hot under the collar.”

His character Bill Compton speaks in a very deep, husky, southern drawl that many fans find very sexy and as Stephen explains he purposely emphasizes the consonants.  When is comes to saying Sookie’s name he checked with Charlaine Harris.  As she stated to him “Sookie rhymes with cookie. It doesn’t rhyme with kooky.”

Stephen is a very fun person to interview as he is quite laid back and “he likes to swear, though his English accent makes this sound salty rather than crass (he also likes to call women “luv” and use words like chuffed, which is British for stoked).” One of the charming characteristics of Stephen is that regardless of what the tabloids try to say, he has no problem discussing his relationship with Anna, “which he entered into with great caution.”

“To get a pilot that runs to a series, it’s big shit to people,” Moyer says. “And so to come along and go, ‘Oh, let’s have a quick f**k,’ and then risk arguing and being a nightmare when you’re playing the two people who are together the whole time—that would be immature.”

In talking about his with fiancée Anna Paquin and how the relationship between them the two of them started, he blames HBO for putting them both into suites at the same hotel while they worked on the pilot for True Blood. That jump started a relationship that is now going to turn into a wedding… someday.  Stephen jokes that when he’s asked about his upcoming nuptials, they won’t be taking place until 2020.

“They put us in the same hotel.” Not the same room—at least “not to begin with,” he snickers. “No, I’m joking. They put us in these hotel suites, and we hung out for a while and got to know each other. The attraction was there, so it was a matter of whether we acted on it or not.”

Even Alan Ball weighed in on Stephen and Anna‘s relationship, saying he was worried early on, but trusted the couple and their professionalism, and he’s happy now that they are so happy together. That relationship between the two in real life also shows through their characters on True Blood.  In describing Bill Compton, Alan said,

“He’s in many ways an old-fashioned romantic, like Mr. Rochester or Heathcliff… A lot of people auditioning thought playing a vampire meant acting insane. I was looking for someone who brought a dignity and gravitas to the role.”

Obviously, Alan felt that Stephen brought those qualities to the role, as fans well know. We’ll be able to see Bill Compton again starting on June 13, when Season 3 premieres, along with the other sexy men and women of True Blood.

This is a great interview and very funny. Stephen‘s personality reads through really well, and it’s a very energetic and fun interview.

Below is the coffee commercial that Stephen was referring to in the interview that aired in Scandinavia which Alex grew up watching and teases him on.  The commercial is from 1993 and in it we see a young 24 year old Stephen Moyer who is just as handsome as he is today.


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  • The track reminds me of another song which I very much enjoyed listening to . can’t quite remember which :-/ does someone know who I am looking for?

  • Antonio

    Another good interview I always enjoy reading them with this guy! I think that i like his interviews the most 2nd would be Sam T. and 3rd possibly Alex S.(i just realized that He and I have the same initials weird huh? LOL) I like Ryan’s interviews,too he seems to be very knowledgeable about stuff.
    Ryan certainly would Not have made a good Bill! If he wanted to play a vampire that badly he should tryed out for Twilight!
    Not that he’d have a chance to play Edward either! LOL
    Steph is just So witty and funny he seems like a nice guy,too
    unpretentious I like that I also get that vibe from Sam. Much of the cast is like that i suppose.
    Great interview nice pics of All of them…I’m glad these TB guys are getting some notoriety here.

  • Thanks Isis! Great interview and I love the clip! Even though our boy was young and cute, there are the same mannersms that Stephen still displays today, especially the little lip curl!

    It is obvious Stephen is a funny guy and quite different to our Bill. I am so glad he and Anna felt that attraction and decided to work on it – I just love that couple!

    AB did great casting for TB! I think Stephen did that thing with his eyes and that would have won AB over. So, the other people who auditioned for Bill did the audition to reflect Vampires as acting insane – I wonder if that meant Alex and Ryan, as they both auditioned for the role of Bill! Thank heavens Stephen’s agent got Stephen to do an audition tape and sent it to AB! Then, it was fate!

    Go True Blood!

    Go Bill Compton!

    • I agree, Stephen is the only guy who could be Bill!

  • pbt

    OMG how old was that clip?? So darn cute with the eye roll. Who knew our Stephen was a “barista”? I will take a espresso please!

    • *laughing* double or triple espresso? *winking*

      • pbt

        Triple espresso of course. 24 huh. Too darn cute for sure. Alex remembering the commercial is just too darn funny too. Stephen and Alex really have a great relationship on and off set for sure. Glad to see they get along so well.

        63 more days until the season 3 premiere!

  • jaxx

    OMG, he was sooo young in that clip. Great interview. He really seems like a down to earth, genuinely nice guy. Anna should consider herself a lucky woman. That’s Isis!!!

    • Stephen really IS that down to earth! So is the rest of the cast! One of the many reasons I adore ALL the actors on the show!

  • MarleneEmmett

    Loved the clip and loved that Alexander still teases Stephen
    about it!!!!!!!!!!

    • I would personally LOVE to hear an audio clip of Alex teasing Stephen! I’m sure it’s very funny to everyone but Stephen!

      • blair knight

        I would love to hear an audio clip of alex teasing stephen about it as well! haha also keep in mind stephen was 24 in 1993 and alex would of been 17 at the time in 1993 so it was a teen alex having this commercial stuck in his head and even though alex is 33 now he still could have that teen prankster thing about him. he is just quirky that way so of course would still bring it up years later when many other people would of forgot about it. poor stephen thought the commercial would definitely remain in the past but his luck he had to work with a guy that grew up in sweden and saw it! haha