Stephen Moyer Discusses The Success Of True Blood

August 10, 2009 by  

bill-compton-sookie-stackhouse-season-2Stephen Moyer took time out to speak with Dave Walker from The Times-Picayune during filming in Clinton, Louisiana for the finale 3 episodes of Alan Ball‘s hit HBO TV vampire series True Blood.  It was not all work for Stephen as he discussed in the interview how we wanted to savour the beauty of Louisiana.

According to Stephen he has had an interest in seeing New Orleans since childhood when he had a picture of the city of his:

“banjo-playing uncle (who “was one of those people you called an uncle, but he wasn’t really my uncle,” Moyer said) left England in the 1980s to pursue his dream of living in New Orleans.”

Stephen went on to state that the allure of the exotic city is due, in part, to, his mom and dad.  They had met at a ‘trad’ jazz club and that they have always wanted to visit the city, which rubbed off on him.

In between filming, Stephen had the opportunity to visit New Orleans, twice.  Once on his own, walking through the streets of the French Quarter with his camera in hand and the second time, with several cast members (including Anna Paquin) for dinner at Galatoire’s.

“I did all of it,” Moyer said. “I walked around free, happy, kind of going around the streets smelling the vibe.”

In regards to the phenomenal success of True Blood, Stephen was unaware of its popularity.  During the airing of season 1, Stephen was in London and since it was not showing over there, he had no idea of how popular it was until he came back to start shooting season 2.

The other aspect that took Stephen by surprise was the diversity of the fanbase demographics.  He thought that it would appeal to a more youngish crowd in the 21-35 range, but it seems that True Blood has reached a much broader group.

“I go out in the street and I get spotted by septuagenarian men, and they come up and tell me stories about the whole family coming to their house on a Sunday. Literally, three generations of men and their wives and their children and their extended family, and I think that’s what the show has done.”

Stephen is completely amazed at the numbers that True Blood is reaching each week, including the DVD sales which have sold over 1 million sets and is the year’s best-selling TV box.

As Stephen states True Blood has a little bit of everything for everyone.  Fun, drama, it is escapist television at its best.


(Photo credit:  HBO Inc.)