Stephen Moyer on His Fan Encounters

September 18, 2009 by  

stephen-moyer-newSometimes the line between fantasy and reality gets blurred. As a result, Stephen Moyer gets a lot of fans asking him to bite them–or if they can bite him.

He does have a fellow British actor to relate to:

“Robert Pattinson and I are probably the only people where the first thing people say is, ‘Bite me.’ “

At least in Stephen’s case, they are associating biting with Bill and Sookie’s steamy love scenes. The vampires of Twilight have poisonous fangs, so I have to wonder at teenage girls who actually think they want Edward Cullen to bite them…

Stephen is happily engaged to his True Blood costar Anna Paquin, but he doesn’t mind playing along with his fans:

“I’ve gone in to [bite], but no saliva has swapped between recipients. I made it look as if I’m about to, then pull back.”

He has had other interesting fan encounters, too:

“I had to sign a breast, though. It would be rude not to! I kept thinking, do you really want my illegible script over your nipple?”

I think the number of answers in the affirmative to that last question might surprise Stephen!

It seems like he’s so sweet and truly appreciates his fans. Who else wouldn’t mind meeting him one day? And would you be able to resist the urge to ask him to bite you after reading how he handles those situations?


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  • Lotta

    Thanks Stephen!
    Since True Blood begun on Swedish TV I´ve spent the last 14 days searching for YouTube movies and fan sites and my husband think that I exaggerate. On the other hand, our erotic life is increasing enormously and last night he gave me a hard bite in the neck and that I really like. He´s got it!

    • Nia

      Hey Lotta, I agree, True Blood (and Stephen) have given us so much………..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Its nice when our SO’s get it!

  • Yeah, he is a Hottie kinda guy!! Totally…Bite me any where ya, want there Stephen…(Like that would ever happen!!” He really seems like a nice down to earth man,with a good sense of humor…That’s what makes him even, more Sexy, to me…Just an all around great guy….

  • AKL

    Bite me, not really. But kiss me as you do on the show…definitely!!! Anna is a very lucky women to have a man who adores her, who is kind, passionate, smart and witty, with a great sense of humor, a loving dad and so so much more….does he have a twin? And if so, where can I find him 😉

  • JANE


  • Nia

    He is so beautiful, sexy, funny, romantic…….the list goes on and on and on when discussing his most positive attributes.
    BITE ME?? Absolutely and then some. Love that man!
    He was so incredible in the finale. Friend, hero, romancer, lover. What more can you ask for?
    Fanning myself furiously!

  • Lizzie 1701

    I would like SM to bite me! I would also have the breast thing, but would most propably be too embarrassed to show it!

  • Nicole

    That man is damn hot and funny and sexy. What else could a women want in a man. Anna is one lucky lady!!

  • micaela

    hot and funny! what more a woman can ask for? lucky Anna!