Stephen Moyer to Begin Filming on Priest

August 25, 2009 by  

priestDuring the break from shooting True Blood, Stephen Moyer will be sticking with the vampire genre he does so well as Bill Compton, but this time he will be playing a human in the movie Priest.

Variety describes the film as a thriller about “a warrior priest who turns against the church to track down a murderous band of vampires who kidnapped his niece.”

Paul Bettany has the role of main character Ivan Isaacs, and Stephen will be playing his brother. The cast also includes Cam Gigandet and Maggie Q as a sheriff and a priestess who help Isaacs track down the bloodsucking gang of vampires led by Karl Urban.

The story is based on a Korean comic book of the same name, which stylistically blends Western themes with dark fantasy.

stephen-moyer-bill-compton-season-twoDirected by Scott Stewart and written by Cory Goodman, Priest is a production of Screen Gems, the studio responsible for the Underworld and Resident Evil series. Filming begins this week in Los Angeles, CA, for a scheduled US release date of August 13, 2010. International release dates will follow in September and October 2010.

This will be Stephen‘s first major film role since his success on True Blood. It will be interesting to see how he is as a human dealing with vampires for a change!


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  • O-O-O-…It sounds like a good show ..kinda scary..And if Hottie Stephen Moyer is in it, I’m So..going to watch it! He is a very good actor…and I’m interested in seeing him going after the Vampires! Even though he play’s a great one ..on True Blood!But, we never ever, want him to get doomed in!!!

  • Nia

    I just love Stephen. I have seen many of his previous works and enjoy them all. He is so wonderfully talented and sexy. We are so fortunate to have him as Bill Compton.
    I look forward to his new films and of course many seasons of True Blood.

  • Loleaf

    Have read the anime books, hope the movie is just as good… Stephen is great in anything he does because he is a true professional. Just hope it doesn’t interfere with the True Blood filming of season 3 starting in December. Also, wondering if this is an insight of Bills character not being in some of the first episodes of TB season 3. If the season is following the books, this could be the reason he is able to film the movie so close to filming TB. But, that is just my opinion!

    • Hi Loleaf they started filming Priest August 24 so I don’t think it will interfere with his commitment to True Blood.

      • Loleaf

        Ollie, Thank you for letting me know that. I know they all signed a 7 season contract to do TB(at least that’s what I think AB said in an interview). I hope it doesn’t interfere, but didn’t Stephen say at Comic Con that the filming started later than orginally planned and it may overlap(or interfere) with some of the filming with TB?

        • mitsy85

          Its Tribes of October that is delayed until October as the director is ill

          • Loleaf

            Thank You Misty, I was wondering if it was a different movie after I posted!!!