Stephen Moyer’s Final Day On The Set Of The Caller

November 29, 2009 by  

Many thanks to Eva from the wonderful website, Puertorican Twilighters who each day would try to present as much information as she could from the set of The Caller starring Stephen Moyer in Puerto Rico.  Today Eva was fortunate enough to get up close and personal with both Stephen Moyer and Rachelle Lefevre.  As she states on her website, she had to get up quite early in the morning in order to find the location of the set (which wasn’t to hard to do) and once she got there Stephen Moyer, Rachelle Lefevre and Luis Guzman were rehearsing a scene outside. Since the scene was being shot outside, she had the opportunity to be quite close to the action and watch them act out their scenes.  She observed that “in between takes, they had their make-up retouched and carried little hand-held fans to keep cool (it was hot this morning).”

This was the final day of shooting for Stephen in the movie and at the end of filming “everyone on the set applauded his work and had a photo shoot before he left. Later, Rachelle and Stephen exchanged phone numbers and talked for some time, before going to lunch break.” Eva mentions on her website that Stephen Moyer and Anna Paquin will be leaving Puerto Rico as Stephen has completed filming.  Stephen was able to wrap up his scenes in The Caller just in time before shooting begins for season 3 of True Blood on December 3rd. Click on the photo and go to the bottom right hand corner and click the box to enlarge it to its original size.

Once again thank you so much Eva from Puertorican Twilighters, you look fantastic in the photo.

Eva and Stephen Moyer

Rachelle Lefevre and Stephen Moyer

Stephen Moyer and Rachelle Lefevre

SOURCE: Puertorican Twilighters

(Photo credits:  Puertorican Twilighters and Rachelle Lefevre on – twitpic)