Stephen Moyer on GQ’s Best Dressed Men for 2010

January 5, 2010 by  

British GQ Magazine has put out their Best and Worst Dressed List for 2010 and we are very pleased to see that they recognized Stephen Moyer, our handsome vampire on True Blood, by placing him in their Top 50 Best Dressed Men 2010 coming in at #41.  We completely agree with Stephen‘s inclusion on the list as Stephen‘s sparkling blue eyes, well-chiseled good looks, well-defined physique and great sense of style makes him look fantastic in anything he wears.  Whether is it a pair of jeans and a t-shirt or a classic-cut tuxedo, Stephen always manages to look stylish.  See the complete list of the Best and Worst Dressed Men of 2010, as ranked by GQ staff, in the February issue of GQ Magazine out on January 7, 2010 or you can view the list here.


(Photo credit:  HBO Inc.)

  • Thanks AdoreBill! Stephen is such a hunk, and yes, he would look good in a potato sack or just naked! That man is the whole package!!!

  • Anna is a VERY lucky woman to have that gorgeous eye-candy man on her arm! Congrats to Stephen on his inclusion on the best dressed list!

    • Nia

      I agree wholeheartedly Isis!!!!!!!
      I am so excited for Stephen! Although I am sure he should have been much higher on the list.
      He has such a gorgeous figure. Sleek and toned. He can make a paper sac look like Gucci!!!LOL
      Stephen deserves this and so much more.
      You are full of great Stephen news today AdoreBill!!
      Thank you so much!!

      • LOL! I love your description of Stephen and the mental image I got of him wearing a potato sack. Isn’t that what Marilyn Monroe wore in a famous photo shoot? I’m sure Stephen would look amazing in it. LOL! 🙂