Stephen Moyer in People Magazine

October 26, 2008 by  

It is great that Stephen Moyer is finally getting the recognition he deserves for a wonderful performance in his current role of Bill Compton, in the new HBO hit series “True Blood”.

Stephen is featured on People’s website in a one minute video showing the 100 Sexy Men In One Minute for 2008. You see Stephen’s picture at the 1:04 mark.  To see the video click the link below.

SOURCE: 100 Sexy Men In One Minute for 2008

(photo credit: People Magazine)

  • karla

    i love him he is amazing!!!!!!!!! I’ll will definitely be watching.

  • AAAAAAAWWWWWWEEEEEEE he is so very very hotttt yummy

  • la la the tellietubbie

    bill is awesome lala lalalalalalalalalalalalll he is so very very ccccccchot

  • Nia

    Wonderful to see Stephen Moyer in peoples 100 sexy men. It is well deserved. We will be watching.