Stephen Moyer Interacts with Fans Video

July 7, 2009 by  

stephen_moyer_live_regis_and_kellyHere is a video clip of Stephen Moyer when he was in New York City recently for the taping for the “Live With Regis and Kelly Show” to promote season 2 of Alan Ball‘s hit HBO TV vampire series True Blood.  Several fans greeted him and asked him for his autograph, photos with him and scoops about season 2.  As usual Stephen was gracious, friendly and accommodating for the fans and took the time to interact with them.   Enjoy!

  • Nia

    I feel for any celebrity that can’t go out without being mobbed, harrassed, jostled, or suffer flashes in his face, etc. I think Stephen is a true professional. He is considerate and patient of his fans. I adore him and wish him the best. I think if I saw him in the street I might get up the courage to ask to shake his hand and then just say thank you for the entertainment, or just leave him be and admire him from afar. We ask too much of them sometimes. We expect to much. Look at the fate of Michael Jackson, Elvis, or Curt Cobain. The fame and the harrassment drove them to destroy themselves. I’m not saying this would happen here but there is only so much a person can take. Stephen is a seasoned actor but he has catapulted to fame so fast, especially here in America with this wonderful show, that we should want to protect him and his family from harm. So lets give him a break and just be grateful for the amazing job he does on True blood and I all the things he has done to bring us entertainment. I have seen a lot of his work and I think he is brilliant!

  • Stephen Moyer is such a cutie..and so nice and funny and of course HOT. Some of these people though..geez, rude… I would love to see him in person, cept, I don’t think he’s gonna make it to Madras,Oregon??!! anytime soon…it would be sweet, though.

  • Stephen was definitely patient,one of the male fans got a little testy there. I give credit to anyone who has the sort of patients and restraint these actors show.Me ummmmm… thinkin.. not so good
    with some of the more obnoxious ones.