Stephen Moyer’s Interview Behind the Success of True Blood

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stephenmoyer8vw1With each new week True Blood airs, it capture’s even more viewers than the previous week at astounding rates. From live viewings, repeats, setting DVR settings, and HBO-on demandTrue Blood is reaching astonishing numbers as high as 11 million viewers (cumulative total). Stephen Moyer, who plays the charismatic, sinfully handsome, southern vampire Bill Compton, sat with Dave Walker of “The Times Picayune” to discuss the continued success of Alan Ball’s hit show True Blood and the continued success of this extraordinary series.

Stephen explains that before they began shooting the pilot for True Blood there was a two and a half month window so he took advantage of that time to read Charlaine HarrisSookie Stackhouse” novels, also referred to as the”Southern Vampire Series“, on which the show is based.

Stephen says:

“So I had something understanding of what it was. I loved Charlaine’s books”.

Stephen believes the creator; Alan Ball, created such an incredible world for the audience to be invited into each Sunday night with many social metaphors that face the world we live in today. Stephen says:

“I think (series creator) Alan Ball’s idea and the world he created from Charlaine’s world is so fantastic and such a great place for escapism. It’s so escapist, and the metaphors within it are not subtle, but they can be your metaphors. You can bring to the plate whatever you want to bring. It’s not just segregation and the south and gay people. It’s a lot of other minorities as well”.

Those of us who adore the show, or are even fanatical about the show and the books, can appreciate the art and creation of a show that is not just about vampires, but many other issues.  At times it touches on racism and even extremism within the society we live in today which allows viewers to relate to the show.

I, as have many viewers, have been wondering how long the show will go on.  There are nine books in the Sookie Stackhouse series, the 10th being released May of 2010 ,and three more have been ordered! Stephen gives us some insight into how long the series will last stating that he and the cast have signed on for long-term employment! Stephen explains this is the first TV project for him that he committed to long term.

“I honestly never wanted to do a series, I never wanted to go something that ran season after season. If you go back over my career, I’ve done series but I never signed the 7-year deal, which you don’t have to do in England. It’s usually 3, and I would never sign.”

He says he is thrilled to do True Blood because he feels the series just keeps growing and that the book material can be added to thanks to an amazing cast, creator, writing crew, and all the behind the scene people who work tirelessly to make this show an outstanding production.

Stephen says, “It gets richer and richer, like a good wine”, and I couldn’t agree with him more! I think Sundays have a whole new meaning to myself and many viewers out there who eagerly anticipate what will happen next to our beloved characters we have grown to love and adore. True Blood airs each Sunday on HBO at 9 PM.


Dave Walker: The Times-Picayune

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  • My luck..The same thing would happen, in my dream…”I’d be like ..Where ya goin, Bill?? What’s up??” …”Why don’t ya, come to bed?”…Why are you laughing?? Oh, now your running??!! There..that is just fine!! Your loss..(Yeah, right!!)

  • Very true..I watched one of the ones, where he played a prince..and a few more movies he was in..He is a very good actor..Besides, being totally sexy and funny and hot…And like we have all said, before..So-o-o-o….Perfect in the role of “Vampire Bill Compton!” I don’t believe they could have cast any one better than Him…!! He makes the show for Me..(US)Yeah…I love him,too!(not literally)I sorta do??!!Kinda??Maybe..a little? Glamored? Who knows??!! I would love to see him in person!!! I’d probably..just pass out…(to excited)Then couldn’t get up! Just have to lay there…smiling stupidly.. Then I’d say “Bite me Bill” (I mean that in a loving way???!!)And then he would say!!!!! YEAH….RIGHT!!!!!!!!!! Turn around and leave(in a hurry!!) What ever!!I’d still love it, though!!!!!!!! (My mind tends to wander…_)

    • Nia

      Yes, he is a PERFECT Bill Compton. No one else would do. I think if I ran into Stephen somewhere, I would probably be too embarassed to talk to him. We are just crazy fans. I will be happy to admire him from afar and meet him in my dreams.

  • S-W-E-E-T….Some times I feel like a nut..Some times I don’t?? Usually I do!! NOPE, Nia…don’t have a problem at all with sharing ..OUR, HOTTIE HOT..Vampire Bill..Now, HE might have a problem with it!!!!!!!!! But, We don’t care!! Ha-Ha-Ha..Cause, he is only in our fantasies!! And there is nothing he can do, about IT!!! How do ya, like That, BILL!!?? Or How would you like this or ??? I’m getting carried away!! Again!! Bill Compton!! Whew!! True Blood!!Maybe my son’s are right???!! M-M-M-M…NO!

    • Nia

      Our Stephen Moyer is an amazing actor. I have seen alot of his past work. Do you know that he has played a prince a number of times? That fits our boy. OOOLALA! He will always be a prince to me. Love that man.

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      Lani may, you are so much fun! Don’t worry, its not just you. I am just as obsessed with True Blood and our hot southern gentleman vampire Bill. I don’t mind sharing him if you don’t. He is too delicious for words!!