Stephen Moyer Interview With Local Essex Newspaper

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Currently True Blood‘s Stephen Moyer (who portrays vampire Bill Compton) is back home in his native Essex in the UK and took the time to do a short interview with the local news media,, last night (Wednesday, December 30, 2009) during intermission at the performance of The Twits at the Brentwood Theatre.

As the news article states Stephen began his acting career performing with the Brentwood Operatic Society’s Youth Theatre Group and performed numerous times at the Brentwood Theatre where he is the theatre’s First Patron.

Stephen is back home in the UK for the holidays and is scheduled to fly back to the US next week to resuming filming season 3 of the HBO hit True Blood.

As Stephen states he was reluctant to speak with the press before True Blood but now he is thrilled to talk about the show and “wants to spread the word.”

“I’m really proud of the show so I’m really happy to talk about it.  It’s nice to be happy to talk about it. In terms of a job coming together and being everything I wanted, this ticks all the boxes.”

The second season of True Blood will premiere on the FX channel in February which will allow the UK fans to catch up with before season 3 airs in June in North America.


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  • lizzie

    Thanks Isis. True Blood is the best show and is receiving lots of media and word of mouth recommendations!

    Well done Stephen and well done Team True Blood!

  • Keep spreadin’ the word, Stephen! Great show like True Blood DESERVES all the promotion it can get!

    • Nia

      As always, so happy for Stephen and the rest of the wonderful cast of this incredible show.
      I am always spreading the news and still “turning” people on to the best show on TV.
      Congratulations to all their deserved success!
      Looking forward to more and more recognitions!!!!

      Thanks AdoreBill!!!!

      Hugs and Happy New Year!!