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stephen-moyer-vman-magazineStephen Moyer, who plays the handsome 173 year old vampire Bill Compton on Alan Ball‘s hit HBO TV series True Blood is creating quite a buzz with his appearance in the latest issue of VMan MagazineStephen posed for photos for the magazine and provided some insights into how he likes to spend his vacations and the notion of escapism. Stephen states that since True Blood is on hiatus be has been taking the opportunity to do some surfing, skateboarding and spending time out on the beach with his dog.  Since we all know once season 3 begins he will have to limit the amount of sun that he gets, as it will take longer to cover up a tan with the white makeup that he has to wear for the show as vampire Bill, he should enjoy his time in the sun now.

As to the popularity of the show and what is offers to audiences Stephen states that:

True Blood is the apex of a pop-culture crazy for vampires. It’s people having no money and choosing to spend it on things that are truly escapist. There’s nothing more escapist than our show.”

Other projects that Stephen would love to do in the future is to direct Anna in a production.  Many thanks to VMan Magazine for allowing us to publish the scans of Stephen from their magazine. Don’t forget to read more of Stephen‘s interview and to get your hands on these terrific pictures of Stephen get the latest issue of VMan magazine on newsstands today (November 17, 2009).

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