Stephen Moyer Mentions Tidbits For Season 3 Of True Blood

September 25, 2009 by  

Anna Paquin and Stephen MoyerAlthough the secrets of True Blood season three are being kept tightly under wraps, Stephen Moyer did mention that werewolves will enter the scene, as they did in the third Sookie Stackhouse book, Club Dead. That’s one of the few elements of the story for next season that Alan Ball has been willing to confirm.

Speaking to Extra at a benefit for Good Dog Animal Rescue at L.A. Dogworks, Stephen also opened up about his big proposal moment to Anna:

“I try to surprise her all the time and she loathes it…She opened [the ring] up, she looked at it, and she looked at me. I said, ‘It is what you think it is.’ She said, ‘Oh yeah, what do I think it is?’ And the rest is private.”

Several of Stephen and Anna’s True Blood costars have talked about how professional the couple is when they’re working on set, and how they didn’t know for several months about their relationship. Stephen explains that he and Anna decided to make sure they were serious about their feelings first:

“We wanted to know that what we were doing was absolutely the right thing before we brought all the craziness–you guys–into it.”

He adds that filming the Bill and Sookie sex scenes is not as awkward anymore, now that the crew knows that they are a couple:

“Our crew has seen everything–seen all the wobbly bits. So I suppose the fact that they do know takes all the embarrassment away. ‘Oh there’s those two again, getting their tongues down each other’s throats.’ “

Stephen and Anna are very fortunate to have found each other, and to be able to work so closely together. It must get old speaking to the press all the time about their personal lives, but it is nice that they oblige us with cute little stories like this about their relationship!


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