Stephen Moyer Missing Screen Time with Anna Paquin

March 3, 2010 by  

It looks like the scorching on-screen chemistry between Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer will be put on ice during Season 3.

The actors, who play Bill Compton and Sookie Stackhouse, have been filming apart this season, much to Stephen‘s chagrin. He admitted in a People Magazine interview that he misses working with his off-screen fiancée.

“We haven’t been working together that much this year and I kind of miss that. We met during the show, we met on camera, we met doing something that we love and that’s what we do.”

Now that the couple’s real-life relationship is no longer a secret, Stephen was able to open up about the hazards of dating a co-worker, especially on a show with staying power.

“… certainly to begin with when we got together, we were really concerned because it’s ridiculous to get into a relationship when there’s a possible seven years of working together. But it’s been nothing but lovely so I hope it carries on.”

He said he also misses working with the rest of the crew, who saw the sparks flying between him and Anna first hand.  The crew has  “seen every move I’ve ever made on her,” he said.

Hopefully season 3 will bring us some screen time with Bill and Sookie together but at least Stephen and Anna can see each other off-screen.

As for Stephen‘s recent title from Cosmo as being a Fun Fearless Male, Stephen stated that Anna wasn’t very surprised by his new title, “She knows a little bit about my past, so she wasn’t that surprised.”


Photo credit: HBO Inc.

  • Sheila

    I think it will be wonderful for their characters to grow, I love all the chemistry and can’t wait to see what AB comes up with next for the whole bunch. Go TB!

  • Thank you Cecelia for this article. I also wish Anna and Stephen the best for the future!

    I also hope Bill and Sookie also have a long future together!

  • Nia

    Fun article Celelia,
    I find it so endearing that he and Anna love working with each other. I am sure that in reality there total time spent together is probably limited due to other projects that they were working on as well as now filming apart their roles on TB.

    I hope all the love and fun they have for and with each other lasts a lifetime.

    As to True Blood, we knew that the on screen romance between Bill and Sookie is going to be tested. I look forward to all the drama that will come our way.

    Team True Blood!