Stephen Moyer Opens Up about Work and Family

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37With production on True Blood’s third season set to begin in a matter of days, Stephen Moyer took a break from filming the futuristic thriller Priest to discuss the path that has brought him to happiness and success. Sitting down with Red Magazine, Stephen talked about finding fulfillment as an actor and in life, with fiancee and co-star Anna Paquin.

At age 40, Stephen tries to dispel the notion that fame happens instantly. It is only because he was a steady working actor that he got the coveted part of soulful, brooding vampire Bill Compton. Alan Ball had been searching for five months without finding the right person. At the insistence of his agent, Stephen read the pilot script and was instantly drawn in. He never would have been in that position, however, without effort and motivation to continue developing as an actor:

“I haven’t had to take a bar job since I left drama school. People like to think that you’ve suddenly been discovered, but if I hadn’t been working all along, I would have had to give up by now.”

Quite unexpectedly, his new job on True Blood became another source of joy when he met, and fell in love with, his leading lady, Anna Paquin. Stephen knew how talented she was, having seen her perform on stage in London, in addition to her Academy Award for The Piano when she was only 11 years old. He was thrilled to be working with her:

“I’m excited by it, more than intimidated. It helps you bring your A-game, doesn’t it?”

From the very first time they met, they were constantly joking around. He loved her sharp wit, sense of humor and straightforward manner. With Stephen and Anna being the only out-of-towners in the True Blood cast, HBO put them in the same hotel during the pilot shooting and the two of them spent a lot of time together:

“I knew some people in town, but wasn’t based here. So, I’m basically alone and the other person I’m doing all my scenes with happens to be seven doors along. HBO has only themselves to blame.”

I’m sure HBO is pleased by the match! Since disclosing their relationship early this year, the paparazzi have been following Stephen and Anna all over the place. The show certainly benefits from the publicity of its likable, engaging stars.

But the pregnancy rumors do not seem welcome to Anna. Stephen tells the story of one red carpet event to which she wore a loose-fitting dress, sparking talk that she was hiding a baby bump. His sweet but clueless response:

“I was like, ‘Can’t you just be flattered that they think you would be [pregnant]?’ But the next time we went out, she wore the most fitted dress!”

The couple divides their time between homes in Los Angeles and London. Having grown up in England, Stephen’s parents are still there, and they are incredibly proud of his success. Imitating his mother, with what the interviewer calls “a touch of Ricky Gervais,” Stephen rambles:

“I always knew he had such a good eye for the ball. He could have been anything, he could have been a footballer — lovely shoulders — could have been a swimmer. Could have been anything.”

Well, his mom’s confidence was not misplaced. Stephen found his calling as an actor and excelled at it, arriving at this point in his life where he has a dream job on True Blood.

He’s also got the support of his family, which is soon to include Anna. Stephen’s daughter, Lilac, has recently moved to L.A. with her mother but his son, Billy, still lives in England with his mother. Stephen says that they talk on Skype every day. It is perhaps understandable, then, why he offers this wisdom:

“There is this idea that home has to be one place and I’ve only just realized that home really can be as many places as you want it to be.”

When the people you love are spread across continents, you make each one your home. A beautiful thought from a beautiful man. And he does indeed have lovely shoulders, just like his mom said.

SOURCE: Red Magazine via The Vault

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