Stephen Moyer Photos of his Visit to the The Brentwood Theatre

January 5, 2010 by  

During the holidays Stephen Moyer was back home in Essex, UK and took the time to visit The Brentwood Theatre, where he is the theatre’s First Patron, and take in the final performance of The TWITS.   Not only did he have a chance to see all the renovations done to the theatre, but also took photos standing by the wall that holds all the bricks from his fans who donated to the theatre on his behalf.  We are so delighted to have been part of this worthy cause and are so happy to have our names on the wall (you can see our brick clearly saying “For Vampire Bill –” on the third row down on the normal size bricks) as well as each of our own individual bricks (mine says “Ollie O. Chong – For Bill Compton”) for Stephen and all to see.

We were also very excited to hear Stephen discuss in a recent radio interview conducted by Phoenix FM during his visit to theatre how amazed he was at all the fund-raising that has occur on his behalf.  Including money that was raised for coaches (buses) to transport children to the Brentwood Theatre in order to see The TWITS which was organized by us “Tell Stephen “Happy Birthday” by Contributing to ‘Steve’s Coach Campaign!’” and was widely supported by other True Blood fan sites and fans.

The campaign was such a huge success that it raised £1,500 (about $2,400), which paid for three schools to have coaches to take groups of students on the field trip to Brentwood Theatre to see the production of The TWITS.

Many thanks must be given to Mark Reed, the theatre’s administrator for allowing us to post these wonderful photos of Stephen standing beside the donors’ wall and sharing them with his fans around the world and for Mark‘s hard work for the Brentwood Theatre. Thank you Mark!

(Photo credit:  Mark Reed)

  • Great photos! This man is such a hunk! Yes, his hair is lighter and it is also in that video clip for s3! Hopefully AB has seen the errors of his way and brought back S1 Bill!!!

    I supported the Birthday Charity drive by donating for the children!

    Thanks AdoreBill for this article!

  • Nia

    Thank you so much AdoreBill for the great photos of Stephen.
    He is more gorgeous than ever!!!! I am so happy for him and his involvement in the Brentwood Theatre. The bricks look great!
    Job well done!

    Hi Isis….Stephen does definitely looks great!!!!!!!

    • Hi Nia,
      Yes I really enjoyed the photos and knowing that Stephen got a chance to read them up close. 😉 Also it is great to see him in recent pictures but I noticed his hair is not a dark as it was in season 2 but then again maybe it was the lighting.

  • LOVE this, but I wish there was also a pic of just the wall so we could actually read the bricks!

    Stephen looks GREAT in the photos, though!