Stephen Moyer a Potential Candidate for Dr. Strange Film

September 15, 2010 by  

Stephen Moyer, True Blood, Bill comptonIt’s a sign of how much fans have come to love Stephen Moyer from playing Bill Compton on True Blood that they are suggesting him for a number of roles in upcoming films. We just can’t get enough of that man.

Last week there were reports that Stephen had a lot of vocal support for the part of Roland in the adaptation of Stephen King’s Dark Hunter series. Now is saying that people want him for the title role in Dr. Strange. At Dragon*Con in Atlanta a couple weeks ago, the legendary Stan Lee announced the adaptation from the classic Marvel comic book series, complete with a cameo from Stan himself.

Dr. StrangeIt is not scheduled for release until 2012, but we’ve all seen how much hype and publicity surround these comic book movies—and how the good ones become major worldwide blockbusters that launch their actors to superstardom.

Brad Trechak at SciFiSquad says he could see Stephen as the doctor (coincidentally, named Stephen Strange) “provided he could pull off the character’s required mustache.” Here’s hoping the casting director sees people talking about Stephen—he’s certainly talented enough to bring the master magician to life, and it would be great for his career.

SOURCE: — ‘Doctor Strange’ Movie In The Works

(Photo credits: Marvel; HBO, Inc.)