Stephen Moyer Proud of True Blood’s Success

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Stephen Moyer Says Cast and Crew are Like Family

True Blood successfully made a 173 year old southern vampire more popular than any 2010 heartthrob. Fans known Bill Compton as the gentleman with fangs who adores Sookie Stackhouse.

It seems fiction mirrors reality as Stephen Moyer (Bill Compton) recently married his costar Anna Paquin (Sookie Stackhouse) at a private affair. However, his recent marriage isn’t the only thing Stephen seems to be gushing about; his role in the HBO hit series has sparked pride and admiration in the actor.

Stephen credits Alan Ball as well as the writers for creating a vampire show with depth. True Blood doesn’t simply focus on sexy vampires feasting on humans; rather the show addresses many social issues currently affecting America. He notes,

“What I think is incredible about our show is that it tries to do so much. It’s not just appeasing some kind of genre specific audience or an Alan Ball-loving audience or an HBO audience, per se, for that matter…It’s a straight up drama and it just happens to have vampires in it. It’s not a vampire show any more than Star Trek was a show about space travel…It’s a show about human relationships and interaction. We never see anybody happy because there will always be obstacles in the way… Alan…creates a world in which we see people react to extraordinary situations in their life and we judge them as an audience on how they react.”

Although the 40 year old actor has found acclaim in American television, he was born, raised, and started his acting career in Brentwood, England.  Now the American public has seen Stephen’s talent; though he isn’t egotistical about his new found fame. In fact, he credits the crew and the cast for making True Blood the phenomenon it has become. For him, the people who work in the series have become family and he dreads the day when True Blood will comes to an end. He commented,

“Alan and I were talking about mourning the loss of the show – and hopefully that won’t be until four or five years down the line before it finishes. But I’m still mourning it even though it’s far into the future because I’ve never worked on anything like this where the cast is so together, the crew is so together, the writers, everyone – it really is a family…Alan is at the very top of all of it, he’s the reason why it feels like a family, and it breeds a desire to make it the funniest, the weirdest, the sexiest show on television. There’s nothing that touches the scope of what we do. I love it.”

It’s obvious that when an actor loves his role and the people around him, he will create beautiful art. Stephen has been impressing American audiences for three seasons and we love him for it!

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