Stephen Moyer Proud of True Blood’s Success

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Stephen Moyer Says Cast and Crew are Like Family

True Blood successfully made a 173 year old southern vampire more popular than any 2010 heartthrob. Fans known Bill Compton as the gentleman with fangs who adores Sookie Stackhouse.

It seems fiction mirrors reality as Stephen Moyer (Bill Compton) recently married his costar Anna Paquin (Sookie Stackhouse) at a private affair. However, his recent marriage isn’t the only thing Stephen seems to be gushing about; his role in the HBO hit series has sparked pride and admiration in the actor.

Stephen credits Alan Ball as well as the writers for creating a vampire show with depth. True Blood doesn’t simply focus on sexy vampires feasting on humans; rather the show addresses many social issues currently affecting America. He notes,

“What I think is incredible about our show is that it tries to do so much. It’s not just appeasing some kind of genre specific audience or an Alan Ball-loving audience or an HBO audience, per se, for that matter…It’s a straight up drama and it just happens to have vampires in it. It’s not a vampire show any more than Star Trek was a show about space travel…It’s a show about human relationships and interaction. We never see anybody happy because there will always be obstacles in the way… Alan…creates a world in which we see people react to extraordinary situations in their life and we judge them as an audience on how they react.”

Although the 40 year old actor has found acclaim in American television, he was born, raised, and started his acting career in Brentwood, England.  Now the American public has seen Stephen’s talent; though he isn’t egotistical about his new found fame. In fact, he credits the crew and the cast for making True Blood the phenomenon it has become. For him, the people who work in the series have become family and he dreads the day when True Blood will comes to an end. He commented,

“Alan and I were talking about mourning the loss of the show – and hopefully that won’t be until four or five years down the line before it finishes. But I’m still mourning it even though it’s far into the future because I’ve never worked on anything like this where the cast is so together, the crew is so together, the writers, everyone – it really is a family…Alan is at the very top of all of it, he’s the reason why it feels like a family, and it breeds a desire to make it the funniest, the weirdest, the sexiest show on television. There’s nothing that touches the scope of what we do. I love it.”

It’s obvious that when an actor loves his role and the people around him, he will create beautiful art. Stephen has been impressing American audiences for three seasons and we love him for it!

Source: — Interviewed: True Blood’s Stephen Moyer

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  • ~ Caitlin

    I always enjoy reading Stephen’s interviews. It will be sad when the show comes to an end but hopefully it won’t be for a long time. If he’s mourning the loss of the show now, I can’t imagine what it will be like for the cast when it actually ends. They all really do seem like a family. It sounds like such a fun show to work on.

  • jaxx

    Great interview. I’m glad to hear that all the actors, including Stephen are also so passionate about the show and don’t want it to end for a few more years.

    Long live TB!!

  • Semiramis

    Interesting. I love both Steve and Bill madly. And before you ask, yes, I have read all the books. Go True Blood!

    • Nia

      Hello Semiramis, I couldnt agree more.
      I absolutely adore Stephen, as well as our multilayered, dark, haunted, misunderstood yet deeply loving and protective Bill.

      Stephens words easily reflect the warm, witty and generous man that he is. That he has found so much love and family with his wonderful Anna as well as the rest of the cast/crew speaks of a deep inner character that is extremely noteworthy.
      He has found a fan forever in myself as well as so many others.

      You rock Stephen!

      • lizzie1701

        Way to go Semiranis and Nia!!!! Stephen is the man and I love the way he portrays my favourite Vamp, Bill! Oh, I have also read most of the books – lost me after Book 3, though.

        Stephen is such a great ambassador for True Blood and his performance these past 3 seasons has wowed his fans from the 11 million viewers this show collects each episode (total viewing) who came into TB following the romance between Bill and Sookie! May there be many more seasons!

        Thank you Jenny for posting.

    • Ashera

      I wasnt going to ask 😉 Also to add, the fact that I like/love Stephen and Bill not so much has nothing to do with the way Stephen acts, to be clear 🙂

      And yes you rock Stephen!

      • Semiramis

        If it looks like I was jumping down your throat, I apologize. I guess that I am just very defensive about Bill. I feel that he gets short shrift from CH but to me he is by far the most interesting character in the books, and of course, the series. It doesn’t help that cyberspace (but not this site, thank heavens) has a small, but vocal minority of people who are basically haters and love to tear down characters (and by extension, the actors who play them) that other people love. I am very pleased that this site and a few others, do not support that kind of behaviour.
        Before I discovered True Blood, if anyone had told me that I would feel this passionately about a FICTIONAL character, I would have called the men in the white suits, LOL!
        Have a great Sunday everyone, and is it June 2011 yet???

      • Nia

        Semiramis, Lizzie, again you both said that so very well indeed. It is like we are channeling each others inner feelings and thoughts.

        Also, Hi Ashera (you also jaxx)!!! WAVES!!
        It is very nice of you to support Stephen and Bill as you do even though he is not your favorite. Kudoes to you!! I feel the same about Alex.

        But really should the idea of favorites make such a difference? As the cast has come together as a family to support the show and each other, shouldnt we as fans always do the same?
        It is a real shame that we see so often times that this is not the case.

        The animosity that was started by a select group has escalated to a volcanic height, created rifts, and has made it difficult to see what is really important, and that is the show, Alan Balls vision (no matter how much it diverts from the books), and all involved in it. This has always saddened me greatly.

        I have been posting on this site for several months shy of 2 years and what I have seen written in the past was so shockingly rude and hateful that it tainted what should have been a continuing marvelous experience.

        This is True Blood, a truly talented ensemble show, and what I feel, as I am sure many others feel as well, is the best show on tv. I will always support each cast member and of course Alan Ball for giving us this amazing entertainment and for his wonderful ability to recognize such great talent.

        I do apologize if this went off topic but I and many others feel the same and sometimes the need to vent just cannot be contained.

        Team True Blood!

        And of course, thank you Jenny for bringing us Stephens heartfelt words.

        • lizzie1701

          Wow Nia! You are back!!! It has been a while since we have seen a long post from you!!

          I agree! Go Team True Blood!!!

  • Ashera

    Well put Stephen! I like him so much more than Bill 😛