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Stephen Moyer enjoys his life off the set of True Blood, even though it has entailed some scary things. However, Stephen takes each step in his life with lots of enthusiasm behind it.

One of the steps Stephen took was going to meet his future mother-in-law for the first time. Stephen said that late last year, he flew down to Wellington. After he was picked up at the airport, he met all of Anna‘s friends and family and had lunch with her mom. (Stephen mentioned that while he and Anna‘s mom chatted, he didn’t ask her if it was weird for her to have seen most of his body before meeting him. After all, when Anna was a teenager, her mother was with her on set for some of her more risqué scenes in movies like 25th Hour and Hurly Burly.) Stephen also gave a wonderful description as to what kind of woman Anna‘s mom is. He called her a “very spunky, very modern, evolved woman.”

Stephen talked about more than just meeting his future mother-in-law. He also discussed filming some of the more risqué scenes on True Blood and what he’s really thinking as he does so.

“The naked aspect [of filming True Blood] is part and parcel of the show. And honestly, when I’m doing a sex scene, all I think about is the food I’m going to eat after the scene is finished. Everybody has to starve themselves so if they put the sex scene after lunch, it’s a f***ing nightmare. Believe me, there’s nothing exciting about doing those scenes.”

This is a very blatant reminder that acting is not real life. However, some things that are done while filming end up becoming important in other ways too. A huge example of this is the scene where Bill and Lorena have twisted sex. Though what we saw on screen wasn’t real, it certainly provoked conversation behind the scenes on the set of True Blood. Stephen talked to Alan Ball about that infamous scene and he also discussed it a lot with fiancé Anna. Stephen pointed out,

“[Anna and I] are a couple who work together on the same show and understand the plotting of it. It must be incredibly difficult for couples where the partner isn’t an actor.”

Stephen also admitted that it can be difficult for him to watch scenes where Anna is with someone else. He emphasized that they talk to each other before any of those scenes are filmed and that they both trust each other implicitly. If an issue comes up, it’s dealt with then and there to prevent anything more from coming up in the future.

That’s a very good way to keep a couple together, which is a good thing since Stephen is quite serious about being with Anna. Though he has two children from previous relationships, Stephen never felt the need to marry until he met his lovely costar and fell in love with her. He actually shocked both himself and Anna by proposing.

“[Proposing] certainly surprised me more than anyone else. I mean, my friends are beyond shocked. Marriage was something that I was never, ever going to do. Nobody was more shocked than Anna was.”

Being in love with Anna clearly changed Stephen‘s mind, and he’s certain that he and Anna will be together for a long time to come. In Stephen‘s own words,

“I’m as sure of this relationship as I’ve ever been of anything in my life.”

SOURCE: New Zealand Herald

(Image Credit: HBO Inc, screenshot by Isis Nocturne)