Stephen Moyer Reveals His Past as Lead Singer in a Rock Band

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Have you ever wanted to be serenaded by True Blood star Stephen Moyer? If you get him talking about his former band, The Prophecy, you might not have a choice! In an interview with the UK’s Esquire Magazine, the conversation turns to his old music, which Stephen describes as “sort of a kind of poppy-rocky-jive-jazzy fusion,” and the interviewer can’t seem to get him to stop singing!

SM: We were pretty good. Three of the boys became musicians and one of them, I think, is a chartered surveyor. I keep thinking that at some point we’ll get into a room again and sing “Faces in the Window.” That was one of our songs. [Breaks into a baritone.] I saw your face outside the window / Was that you or just a reflection of me…
Esq: Wow, that’s deep.
SM: Yeah, that was me. Saw your face I can’t deny it… And then it went into this dosh-dosh-de-de-de-de-dong…
Esq: OK, thanks Steve.
SM: Faces at the window… pa-pah-pah-o-wump-ah- Guh-guh-guh… [Fade out]

Stephen also discusses the aftermath of his Robert Pattinson comment, from the interview in which he called Edward Cullen the “Slim-Fast Diet Coke of vampires“:

“I got told off for calling him [that]. I got 12-year olds going, ‘Oh my god, I am so not watching True Blood! How can he have a go at RPattz?!’ It was quite funny.”

The article covers other topics like office romances, British actors working in America, boxing, and mischievous dogs.

When asked about how his relationship began with costar, and now fiancee, Anna Paquin, he said they never intended to get together because it could have become another source of tension in the already difficult work of a television series:

“At first there was no way we were going to hook up. I know how hard it is to get a pilot, let alone a successful show; the last thing you want is to have a brief flirtation with someone and then not be able to look at each other for the next seven years. Then when we weren’t working together, we missed each other. By the time we started shooting again we were living together. People couldn’t believe it.”

Fortunately, Stephen ended up with a happy, loving relationship AND a successful show. Work has been going so well for him, he’s trying to get some of his friends to come to LA and try their luck as well. British actors seem to be in high demand because of their great dramatic training, especially when they can do American accents as convincingly as people like Stephen and Hugh Laurie.

Stephen has been interested in boxing since he was young. His grandfather was a coach, and he used to practice with him. One of the perks of starring in HBO’s hit series is that he gets to workout with respected trainer Freddie Roach, since the network has the rights to all of the professional boxing in the country.

When he was on location in Australia shooting a film, his and Anna’s dogs, Splash and Banjo, got sent to boot camp. Banjo, their rescue puppy, has been making a mess of everything and chewing through Anna’s shoes, and the neighbors have made complaints about the barking. Hopefully, now that Stephen and Anna are back to work on True Blood and the dogs are out of boot camp, peace has been restored in their house!

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