Stephen Moyer On Romance And Work

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Anna Paquin & Steven MoyerStephen Moyer recently said that working with his fiancée, Anna Paquin, is such a “glorious luxury”. Who on earth wouldn’t think of that, knowing the fact that you share both your personal and work experiences together with your special someone? Talk about quality time together – wherever! Thanks to True Blood and the chemistry of Bill and Sookie, such a wonderful relationship shared by the couple developed.

Stephen admitted that their real life relationship is a big help in making those blood-sucking sex scenes together. He said that they are very relaxed together whether on set or off set.

But would you believe that at first, the lovebirds kept their relationship a secret on the set of True Blood? And it took months before they finally revealed the real score between them.

Stephen said,

“We were very, very cagey. “We kept tabs on our own relationship, let alone telling anybody because we were very concerned about how it would play out given that anybody who signed up to do one of these series signs for seven years. So, you don’t take a decision like that lightly.”

“When we realized it wasn’t just some fickle infatuation or chemistry or whatever, we were able to, months later, tell everybody that we were working with.”

And of course, everybody on the set were shocked after the big revelation of the pair. If those were the reactions of the cast and crew, then both must have laid such a very good act in hiding their real-life romance.

“Everybody was shocked, so I think we’d done a good job of hiding it.”

As for the season finale, he said,

“It’s everything that you would want from a season finale. But I don’t even want to make a hint at something because it’s so f–ing crazy. I could tell you something that’s going to happen, but you just won’t believe me, so it’s almost pointless.”

Can’t wait to see what will happen so make sure you tune in Sunday, September 13, 2009 at 9pm EDT on HBO to be part of the excitement.


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  • antonio

    I just streamed the video of Steph on Regis and Kelly. He really can be quite funny. Steph speaks with a definite british accent and he was speaking with his southern accent that he uses on the show..It cracked me up theway he alternated between his british accent and the southern drawl..He’s really good at that! I really wish he and Anna All the Best!! A sense of humor today is critical..he’s got a great one so does Ryan(Jason) and Sam always makes me laugh in his interviews. I loved the interview video of Alex(Eric) Anna and Steph talkingg about their ongoing love triangle…it was funny The actors seem down-to-earth an admirable quality!!

  • Nia

    Congratulations to both of them for finding true love and for all their hard work to bring us the best adult entertainment on tv.
    On reading how they kept their relationship quiet for so long, I am impressed with the care they took to consider the working relationship with the rest of the cast. They put the cast and show first. Bravo! They displayed a great amount of maturity. We are not dealing with spoiled actors here. But who can deny true love? Coming out with their relationship was inevitable. I for one am happy for them and I hope their love lasts forever.
    I hope for many seasons of true Blood with this amazing couple and their wonderful chemistry.

    Team True Blood rules!

  • There is something incredibly sexy about a couple that can work together AND live together without driving everyone else they work with crazy! Good for Steve and Anna!

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