Stephen Moyer Rumored to be out of The Big Valley Movie

November 15, 2010 by  

Filming Delayed Again

Bill ComptonStephen Moyer has been set to start filming his next film The Big Valley, but the start date has been pushed back several times.  As a result of this latest delay, it is RUMORED by Lee Majors that Moyer will not be in the movie. According to Majors, the new production date is now the end of November in Louisiana. Moyer is due back in California to start  season four of True Blood (thank God) around the same time.

The Big Valley

The Big Valley is based on a 1965 television series. Moyer is currently cast as Jarrod Barkley, the eldest son in the family the movie centers around. According to Lee Majors the story line of the movie is very close to the original plot but will begin a few years ahead of the series so that viewers are able to see what lead up to the show. The film is also set to co-star Jessica Lange and Richard Dreyfuss.

Even though it is still speculation as to whether or not Stephen Moyer will appear in this movie, fans can look forward to seeing him in Season 4 of True Blood

Source:– Lee Majors says Stephen Moyer is out of the Movie

(Photo Credit: HBO Inc.)

  • dolores cocuzzo

    I tnink Stephen could do better than The Big Valley dont think that movie would go anywhere – was more interested in seeing him with Gere in The Double

  • Lizzie1701

    So sad. I hope HBO and the makers of the film can work out a solution. AB is planning to film only one episode of TB before Christmas, so here’s hoping all will work out.

  • txophelia

    Yes, when I heard they had pushed the start date back for Big Valley, I feared it would interfere with Season 4 of True Blood. That’s too bad….I was actually anxious to see him in another role.

  • jaxx

    Well that’s just a shame. I think SM would have been great in Big Valley. Lee Majors, it’s your loss then. We will gladly embrace him in True Blood S4.

  • kellycarberry

    If this is true what do they espect they have pushed the dates back severil times for The Big Valley Movie to start I dont see how Stephen can do it now if they are starting filming of The Big Valley Movie at the end of November when he starts filming on True Blood season 4 on December the 1st yayay I cant wait for TB season 4 to be on next your and to see Bill Yummmmy 🙂