Stephen Moyer and Ryan Kwanten On The TV’s Hottest Men of Summer List

May 17, 2009 by  

Both Stephen Moyer and Ryan Kwanten are on BuddyTV’s Hottest Men of Summer List and rightly so. Stephen Moyer who plays vampire Bill Compton on Alan Ball‘s HBO TV series True Blood comes in at #8 for being a sexy and good-hearted vampire who takes Sookie‘s breath away.  We agree that Stephen Moyer deserves to be on the list because no one woman could resist those smoldering blue eyes and then finding themselves begging to be bitten by this vampireRyan Kwanten who plays the town Casanova as Jason Stackhouse tops the list at the #1 spot reinforcing the fact that the combination of his well-developed physique with his boy-next-door face encompasses the complete package to be one of TV’s Hottest Men of Summer.




(Photo credit:  HBO Inc.)

  • crystal

    wat the heck where’s eric?!? TEAM ERIC!!!

  • Kris


  • Val

    I have to agree Ryan has the most amazing build I have ever seen-but thats not everything.Alex has a great body also and is the most gorgeous man I have seen in years,never mind Bill.He is sweet but ho hum-why does Alex only get recognized in sweden!?

  • Amanda

    But where is Alex???? Team Eric!

  • Nia

    Stephen/Bill is so HOT!!! Definitely deserves to be on the list. Ryan/Jason is cute and you really have to admire his physique.