Stephen Moyer Talks About Season 3

October 1, 2009 by  

Stephen MoyerCNN’s Showbiz Tonight recently finished up their True Blood HBO Emmy After Party special with a little tidbit from Stephen Moyer about season 3 of True Blood. We all love watching Stephen and Anna portray the adorable couple Bill and Sookie on the show. Stephen has also said that he enjoys working alongside Anna because he loves spending all that extra time with her. Well Stephen admitted to Showbiz Tonight that there is the possibility that he might not get to work with Anna as much in season 3. Here is what Stephen had to say:

“I love working with Anna–I don’t think we will be working together this season only because it’s very hard to make Bill and Sookie the couple just be Bill and Sookie the couple. Nobody wants to watch that forever–every single drama you’ve ever watched has that thing where now you’ve watched and now let’s put him over there and see how he works with her and how she works with him…so we’ll see!”

Well season 2 did end with Bill being kidnapped and spoilers have already reported that Sookie will be trying to find him with the help of a young man/werewolf by the name of Alcide.  So it seems that Stephen and Anna will not be filming as many scenes together as the previous season if he has been kidnapped.  However what does it mean in terms of Bill and Sookie‘s relationship?  Guess we will have to wait and see!

SOURCE: CNN Showbiz Tonight

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