Stephen Moyer One Of The Sexiest Vampires in Hollywood History

December 26, 2009 by  

The huge website put out their “15 Sexiest Vampires in Hollywood History” and states that these vampires, “they want to suck your blood — and you wouldn’t really mind,” which we have to agree when it comes to our True Blood vampires.

The charismatic Stephen Moyer who plays the handsome 173-year-old vampire Bill Compton is recognized for being one of the “Sexiest Vampires in Hollywood History” which which we agree with their choice.  The site states in their post:

“Sorry, True Blood fans—life is imitating art! In August 2009, smoldering Stephen Moyer got engaged to co-star Anna Paquin, which is bloody hell bad news for his female fans.”

Well as long as we get to enjoy Stephen‘s smoldering good looks and scenes as Bill Compton on True Blood we are happy and we are all glad that Stephen and Anna found love and happiness with each other. Now where can we found our own hot vampire to sink their teeth into us?


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  • lizzie

    Thanks AdoreBill! Bill/Stephen is the sexiest man alive/dead!! Bill was the one that drew me to True Blood – I just love that character! I had to find out more about the actor hence I googled him and now I love Stephen Moyer! I am so glad that B/S and S/M are a couple on and off screen!

    I am glad the tide is changing once again and Bill is on top!!

    Go True Blood!

    • FangsR4Ever

      I agree! I also started watching True Blood because of Stephen/Bill’s character. He is just so sexy.

  • So, true….But, for me it’s always about Sexy Stephen Moyer!! That is the main reason, I decided to watch the show…HIM…And now of course I Love it!! I don’t know if I would keep watching it, if he wasn’t in it any more??!!! Who know’s???!!

  • BillsNumberOneFan

    I am actually thrilled that the people who compiled the list went with against the grain entries. I personally don’t find Bela Lugosi sexy, nor a couple of the other entries, but they are icons in the genre, so more power to them! 😀

  • Nia

    As always AdoreBill, I am so happy and thrilled to read all the wonderful positive comments, articles and polls made about our Stephen/Bill.

    Our resident hot, handsome, dark, and sweet southern lover, Bill Compton being one of the “Sexiest Vampires in Hollywood History” is so well deserved. Sexy and lover go well hand in hand.

    Sexy, sexy, sexy, Yes, Yes, Yes!!!!

    Why do we find Bill so sexy? Well it is easy to see. He is a loyal friend, hero, and oh so wonderfully hot fierce lover. His eyes, his actions, he is “sex on a stick” (thank you Lafayette). Oh and did I mention smolderingly handsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Makes my heart melt to think about him.
    Who wouldn’t want a man like that?? So, SEXY, absolutely!
    Kudos to for their choice.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you AdoreBill!!!
    I look forward to all your articles and posts, they are such an inspiration.

  • marce

    Totally agree, he is a very sexy vampire, and a big part of what drew me into the series.

  • Thanks for the article, AdoreBill! *hugs* So true that we love Anna and Stephen together both on True Blood AND in real life!

    • CrazyforBill

      A rousing AMEN to everyone’s comments. True Blood had me hooked for life as soon as Bill Compton sashayed his smokin’ hot piece of undead ass into Merlotte’s. I have read all the books, and I still love Bill best of all. I have now seem a bunch of his movies and TV shows, and I think he is a superb actor. The icing on the cake is that Steve and Anna are engaged. They are a spectacular couple both on and off-screen.

      • Nia

        Hot Dam CrazyforBill!!!!
        I like your style!

        • lizzie

          Totally agree with everyone’s style who have posted above! This man is HOT and I am also starting a collection of his prior work.

          I have just re-watched S1 on the marathon here in OZ on Christmas day plus I am watching both S1 and S2 on DVd whilst on hols! I just can’t get enough!

          I am reading the first book of CH – not quite sure I like her writing style and think it a bit course. Glad that Sookie is not our Sookie from TB.

          I also love the Stephen and Anna hookup – just like a fairy tale, isn’t it??