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stephen-moyer-pic-getty-449009931Bill Compton may be the brooding, tortured soul of vampires on True Blood, but in real life, Stephen Moyer has a much lighter personality. In an article featured in the UK newspaper London Lite, the interviewer calls Stephen “livelier than a bunch of live wires in a puddle of rainwater.” The British actor happily discussed life since True Blood.

One thing that certainly contributes to his good mood and love for his job is Stephen’s engagement to his costar Anna Paquin. He describes her as “sharp, funny, talented, caring, generous and kind. Oh, and she’s beautiful.” The two of them seem absolutely perfect together, and demonstrate their mutual respect and admiration in every interview they do.

As for the work itself, the role of Bill was a pleasant surprise for Stephen, who was not particularly interested in doing a supernatural genre show at the offset:

“When they said it was a vampire drama I was like, ‘Nah, no thanks’ but when I read it I was amazed. It was the best pilot I’d ever read.”

Given how much time he has spent naked in the first two seasons of the show, Stephen jokes that he puts it in his contracts to show off his body:

“I’m always flicking through a script going ‘Where do I get my kit off?’ Oh yeah, there it is!”

But he also likes that True Blood has layers to it beyond the simply fun, entertaining level:

“You can watch the show and think it’s just a camp, sexy romp or you’ll watch it and think it’s an interesting comment on society. Bill’s an outsider who arrives in town and is ostracized. He represents whatever your minority is–homosexuality, whatever.”

Given how True Blood has grown in just one year to be watched by millions of people worldwide, Stephen’s profile has increased and has attracted a huge fan following. He seems amused, but perplexed by some of the stuff he’s received in fan mail:

“I’ve had some odd things, like used knickers to plasters that have apparently been on fans’ necks, and I recently got sent a photo of a German lady lying naked next to a horse. I have no idea why.”

Being a celebrity certainly brings some interesting results! But Stephen doesn’t seem to mind, considering all that he has gained from True Blood.

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  • AKL


    Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts and opinions. You put into words the feeling and concepts I couldn’t find words to express.


  • antonio

    I think what moves me most about this show is that Both Sookie and Bill are “Misfits” She has her “disability” and He has his “secret”! She is a Telepath and He is a Vampire! Here are 2 unfortunate “souls” Who may have been ostracized by their society and environment and Yet they find each other They come together!! Its NOT like Beauty and the Beast or Phantom of the Opera Where 1 person is “perfect” and the Other is “Deformed”
    In This show Both Bill AND Sookie are “wounded”…That’s WHY I like it SO Much!! They are Equally “Fouled Up” So Is Sam,Tara,Jason,Terry,Andy No Perfect People Here!!
    I Like That!! More often then Not People dealing with things like Clinical Depression,Bipolar Disorder and similar mental health issues are treated as though They were Werewolves or Vampires!! Many of These have been marginalized by Society!!
    Would Sookie have been just as excited to say in the bar “You’re Our First Poor Person~~~~Our First Gay Person~~~Our First Person struggling with a Mental Illness??
    Your Our First Person struggling with Substance Abuse
    You’re Our First Sexual Abuse Victim??
    Would She have been as bubbly and zestful with Bill If He Were ANY of Those People??
    Generally, One Cannot see Inner Pain Yet Somehow I think She saw That in Bill! Beacuse she could Not read his thoughts she saw him as something different something special she could be herself around him. She had been hurt by life,Too!
    Sam,Much as he might care for her, Could Never have the level of Vampiric devotion for her like Bill has!
    Even though Sam,Jason,Tara All have been “scarred” Too and are dealing with their own painful issues!
    These characters I feel in some way speak for Me!
    “We’re Fouled Up But We Believe that We Can value ourselves and try to find a chance to build a better life Because We deserve That Much!”
    “Yes We Are Screwed Up but we are generally good people”
    Its Much More than just a funny,dramatic sex romp with naked vampires!!
    OK I’ve bloviated enough here! LOL 🙂
    I’m sure that Steph gets “tired” of hearing How Cool He Is and How Marvelous his performance of BC IS!

  • antonio

    This IS Unbelievable! The show has become very popular in the space of a little over a year! Phenomenal! And Yes, I do agree that people can get something out of it. Some will inevitably see it as Just a fun,sexy romp..Others will see it as a commentary on how we live and what we value or choose to!
    Its a Great Show! Not since Dark Shadows went off the air long ago has there been such a “dark brooding vampire love story”
    It really is about So much more than just libidinous,willfull vampires! Its also about Love,Hope,Acceptance,Tolerance and Diversity! Possibly even Forgiveness?
    Again I Always enjoy reading or listening to Steph give an interview! I’m Glad that He is Happy with this He deserves it!
    Congrats Again Stephen! God Bless!