Stephen Moyer Sporting a Cane at the 2009 Scream Awards

October 19, 2009 by  

Anna Paquin and Stephen MoyerThe 2009 Scream Awards was taped this past Saturday and to much of the delight of True Blood fans, real-life couple, Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer, walked away with Best Horror actress and actor awards. Anna was wearing Marc Jacobs and fiancee, Stephen Moyer was sporting a cane! Why, you ask? Well Stephen was asked why he was walking with a cane and he replied:

“I tore my meniscus; I didn’t know what that word was until about two weeks ago.”

Now your probably wondering how the star hurt himself. Stephen explained:

“Rolling around with my kids. I’d like to say it was some kind of thrusting, sexy injury, but it really isn’t!”

Well we certainly wish Stephen a speedy recovery and congratulate him and Anna on their Scream Awards!

SOURCE:  RadarOnline

Photo Credit: Tina Gill / PR Photos via