Stephen Moyer Starring in “The Big Valley”

July 3, 2010 by  

With shooting for Season 3 of True Blood just finished (we hear the blooper reel at the wrap party was a scream) cast members will be off working on side projects during hiatus.

For Stephen Moyer one these projects will see him transported from the steamy, dark nights of Louisiana (filmed in California) to the sunlit, sweeping vistas of California (filmed in Louisiana – go figure).

Stephen will be starring in the big screen remake of the 1960s TV Western, “The Big Valley”.  “The Big Valley” follows the travails of ranchers in California’s San Joaquin Valley in their battles with the Southern Pacific Railroad during the 1870s.

Stephen will take on the role of Jarrod, the eldest son of ranch matriarch Victoria Barkley (Jessica Lange).   In the original series Jarrod is described on Wikipedia as “educated, refined …  and handled all of the family’s legal and business affairs” (Shoot! So the chances of seeing Stephen in chaps are not so good.)

Also starring in “The Big Valley” will be Lee Majors (who played Heath in the TV series); Bruce Dern, Richard Dreyfuss, Lorraine Nicholson (as Audra) and Jason Alan Smith (as Nick).

Alongside Stephen will be Travis Fimmel, his former co-star on the Aussie flick “Restraint” (2008), who will play Heath.

Production on “The Big Valley” is due to begin next month.




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  • MMMMMM…..That’s sounds like a pretty good one…I am so, gonna watch it when it comes out!! Go, Stephen….

  • Nia

    Whoo hoo!!! Another movie with Stephen!! How exciting!
    Where does he find the time for all these projects??

    Stephen starring in this wonderful remake of a great classic. I hope we get to see Stephen rocking a pair of tight jeans and cowboy boots (we already know he has the accent down)!! I would prefer chaps but will take what I can get, LOL.
    We already know he is an expert horseman from many of his previous movies.

    What a huge cast of wonderful actors. He is in very distinguished company. And Travis Fimmel….wonderful!! They had incredible chemistry in the movie “Restraint”!

    I am so excited for Stephen and his continued success and recognition for the outstanding talent that he is!!

    Thank you Patty for the great news!!

  • lizzie1701

    Good on you Stephen! I do hope they will put you in cowboy boots, spurs and hat for at least one scene!

    Glad you are doing well, you are such a fantastic actor!

    Thanks Patty!

  • jaxx

    Wow, good for him. Glad he’s having lots of success in the US.