Stephen Moyer’s Sunlight Issues

March 9, 2010 by  

Stephen Moyer loves his job portraying Bill Compton on True Blood. However, he never expected it to rule parts of his regular life.

After Stephen was hired to the HBO hit show, he moved to Southern California, completely excited about his new job and living in a part of California known for being perpetually sunny. He was especially looking forward to getting to go to the beach (lucky him) and sunbathing. Not so fast, Stephen! True Blood producers changed Stephen‘s plans very quickly. As Stephen said,

“I couldn’t wait to live by the beach and enjoy the weather, then they dye my hair and make me stay out of the sun. I was banned from sunbathing!”

Since Stephen is playing a vampire (and vampires by their very natures are not the type to tan), this makes a lot of sense, and Stephen has played up his paleness a bit too. Thanks to the lack of sunbathing, Stephen has claimed he’s the palest man in Hollywood, second only to Twilight star Robert Pattinson.

That doesn’t stop the enormous fanbase Stephen who adore him regardless if he is tanned or not.

“I don’t think my fans are more aggressive than Robert Pattinson’s. You don’t get much more aggressive than a virginal 14-year-old.  But they grab you and think it’s OK to touch you – girls, ladies and men.  They want to be bitten and want you to break their skin. I have been sent underwear. A German woman sent me pictures of her naked on a white horse!”

Even without the tan, True Blood fans adore Stephen and what he brings to True Blood and seem to express in many interesting ways.


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