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Stephen MoyerSure, Stephen Moyer is happily engaged to his True Blood leading lady, Anna Paquin but that didn’t stop him from participating in a cute little feature called “e-Flirting” in the British issue of Company Magazine.

Stephen was in London at the time of the interview on a beautiful, sunny day. He says he misses England when he is away and when he gets back in the summer, one of the first things he loves to do is run and jump in the pond at Hampstead Heath.

With all of the True Blood fanaticism, Stephen has become familiar with some of the wilder fans, who often want to bite him or be bitten by him or to have him autograph certain body parts…

He has even met a couple of people who named their dogs Sookie and requested him to go into his Bill Compton character to call their dogs over which he admits he finds quite weird.

When it comes to the dating world, Stephen says he’s useless:

“Dating in England is so different to dating in America. Either that or I’m really old-fashioned. I always thought that when you asked someone out, you were going out with them. Whereas, in America, you can be dating 20 other people. It doesn’t mean you’re seeing them until saliva changes hands.”

Stephen says that a woman’s natural scent is a big turn-on for him but what attracts him most is beneath the surface:

“I’ve always been interested in what’s behind the eyes, and gone for brains over anything. I don’t have a type but I like someone who’s smart and funny.”

As for what is a turn-off to him, Stephen doesn’t like materialism or the assumption that men should pay for everything.

When asked if he believes in love at first sight, Stephen replied that it has happened to him once. Love, for him, means feeling like it physically hurts when you’re separated from that person.

It’s hard to imagine this, but Stephen talks about how he used to be terrified of asking women out and wished it could always be like it was in school when your friends would act as a go-between for you. He started gaining some confidence when he finally worked up the courage to approach a girl, put a slip of paper in her hand with his phone number on it and told her she needed to call him, which she did (of course!). Though, he still found himself confused by things like the “three-day rule” for calling someone. Even now, he admits that he often says the wrong thing:

“The key is working out the right time for the right answer, because sometimes women want the truth but, believe me, I don’t get it right many times…”

Stephen also shares a funny story about his experience with naughty text messages:

“I once accidentally messaged one of my friends something meant for a girlfriend and it was incredibly inappropriate. It was a proposal of sorts, to go and do something in a park. It was rather filthy, so I’ve since got used to triple-checking before I send texts now.”

Soon, Stephen will be turning 40 and getting married and he won’t have to deal with all the silly things that happen in dating anymore. But he doesn’t seem to mind looking back on all the amusing experiences he had before settling down with Anna.  One final question that the interviewer asked which was quite cute after discussing the issues of dating was if Anna will “mind you flirting with us?” Stephen replied “I think flirting is very healthy, as long as your partner knows that’s all it is.”

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  • antonio

    As I had said regarding Mr.Ball I will say again here
    Mr.Moyer’s private life does Not concern Me! He’s a phenomenally talented actor and his performance of BC is Incredible!
    As for “sex scenes” between him and Eric Northman, Lighten Up It was Just a JOKE! Steph has a quirky and highly funny,if not sometimes irreverant, Sense Of Humor!! He and Alex are Still the Best Darn Vampires in MY Book!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  • antonio

    I admire Mr.Moyer for making it a priority to spend time with his kids! There are SO many out there who have kids and either ignore or neglect them! I also admire him for moving on with his life and dating and becoming engaged to Miss Paquin! Obviously he was involved in a long term relationship before he met Miss Paquin. He has 2 children from that relationship. What I admire about him is he still makes an effort to be a part of his kid’s lives! He is a wonderfully charismatic and talented actor and he seems like a great guy!!

  • antonio

    1 thing that i liked to read about what how scared he was to ask girls he liked out…Man,I can relate to that!! It doesntmake me feel like such a freak anymore! I can’t imagine Him EVER having a hard time getting a date!! Sam Trammell said something similar on an interview once. What gal wouldnt want a date with this guy??? Its unimaginable isnt it?? Usually, the best ones are often the most lonely. Because they more often than not dont believe they deserve to be happy…they dont believe tey deserve to be loved. I have a PHD in That!!!
    LOL Its about self acceptance and Self love Not to be confused with Love Of Self which is a loathsome quality.

  • antonio

    Impressive. I agree with the materialism and the Man pays for Everything thing. Right On,Bro!!
    I like the honesty. He’s Not intimdated to share stories of when he acted like a schmuck! LOL
    He IS a Gentleman. I like to think I am too!

  • Nia

    I think Stephen is gorgeous, sweet, funny and a wee bit naughty (and not afraid to admit it)!!!!I like a man who is honest and doesn’t put on airs.
    I remember him saying in an earlier interview how he and Anna like to take the “Piss” out of each other. I bet they keep each other on their toes and have fun doing it. Also she doesn’t take his nonsense! Good for them!
    May their love last forever!

  • Yeah, I liked the interview, too….And yes, Stephen is a flirt..A very cute flirt! (more of an innocent one, though) I think we all are…at times..human nature..Kinda fun!! She is a lucky gal..

  • Lizzie 1701

    Very cute interview! Many a person has been caught out by sending a text or email to an incorrect recipient!

    I gather the “love at first sight/smart and funny/physically hurting” means Anna!! Well, I hope!!!

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