Stephen Moyer Talks True Blood with The Mirror

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Bill-Compton-blue-eyesStephen Moyer recently talked to The Mirror about True Blood. The Mirror traveled to New Orleans to meet the hunky vampire and get a first hand taste of the southern culture which the show revolves around. The Mirror asked Stephen what he felt were the themes of True Blood. Stephen answered saying:

“I think the show represents many different things. You could watch it and think it’s a camp, frothy, sexy thriller. But equally it could be a satirical comment on society. Bill’s a vampire, an outsider that arrives in town and is ostracised, but he’s trying to be a decent man.”

Stephen was then asked if he felt it was easier filming love scenes since him and his co-star, Anna Paquin, are a real-life couple.

“I would like to think that, as a professional, if I have to have a love scene with somebody else it would be just as good!”

This led to Stephen being asked what it exactly was that made him fall for Anna. Stephen explained:

“She’s sharp, funny, brilliant, incredibly talented and an ultimate professional. She’s probably the most straight-talking woman I’ve ever met and she’s caring, generous and kind – I can’t say enough! And I think she’s beautiful.”

The Mirror concluded the interview by asking Stephen if he felt pressure as an actor to stay looking fit. Stephen answered by saying:

“I think the thing is that when you’re working against someone like Ryan (Kwanten), who is an insane body fascist, I’ve got no choice but to look as good as I can. I’m never going to look like him but, equally, when I’m 60 I don’t want to look at the DVDs and see my flabby belly.”

Well Stephen I don’t think you will have to worry about that!! We look forward to seeing more of that fit body in season 3 of True Blood!

SOURCE:  The Mirror

Photo Credit: HBO Inc.

  • Just wanted say, “Damn!!” I think ya got your point across,there Antonio….Way to go…

  • antonio

    Concerns about getting “flabby” as He gets older? Not Likely!
    He seems to live an active lifestyle. Today,Perhaps More than ever, The Media can be harsh in its ideas of what it considers to be “Acceptable Beauty” or “Desirable Body Image”! Years ago, You were who you were and That Was Enough! Now, and within the past 2 decades especially, Everything is Body Image~~~Ripped Core, six pack abs, “defined pecs, shoulders, delts” Lean Hard Body, “Tone”. Some time ago, People were judged by Merit by their Deeds and by how much they were willing to get involved in something beyond themselves…A Cause that they were willing to fight for! This Body Image Obsession that the media machine has created is Not Only Unhealthy ~~~As Many of Our Young People “destroy themselves” Trying to attain a “Perfect,Desirable Body” But it seeks to “Objectify” human desire and need for meaningful interaction!
    Ideally, People are loved and valued for WHO They ARE NOT For WHAT They HAVE or HOW They LOOK!
    The Latter would be a Very Shallow Self-Centered View,Indeed!!
    People like Stephen Moyer And Sam Trammell are fine and decent people Not your common “garden variety” Hollywood fare!
    As for Mr.Moyer saying that “I’ll Never look as good as does!”
    He doesnt HAVE TO!! Steph has a charisma a style ALL his Own!
    Maintaining Optimum Health is 1 thing Overdoing It and becoming Obsessed with it is Something Else!!
    You CANNOT “Buy Love And Acceptance” from people by building a better body!! Mr.Kwanten has his fanbase Because He is a nice,intelligent guy Not Because He “demands” gals think that He is Hot!!
    He really isnt like that,Anyway.
    Just because a Man happens to have a “Totally Ripped Core” Does NOT mean that He Is a Better Human Being BECAUSE OF It!!
    Stephen Moyer seems to be a Kind,Paassionate Man and Both Sam Trammell And Alex Skarsgard seem to be the same!
    Its Not about Who has the “best bod” its about How they come together to support and help each other! Look at Sam Trammell for example Recently He went Home to help out his community
    An Admirable Quality! He could have just as easily said “I Cannot Be Bothered,I’m a Big Star Now Leave Me Be!”
    Such was NOT His attitude!
    Mr. Moyer We can appreciate You for Who You Are!
    No Worries,Guy!
    Besides, I’m sure that Ms.Paquin dated some “hot looking” guys who treated her like shit. Some people are beautiful inside as well as outside! You,Sir are one of them!
    A Shout Out to Alex and Sam,Too!!
    🙂 🙂

  • antonio

    C’Mon,Man! Yes Ryan does have a totally cut core and he does have a regimented fitness program. I think its Very Interesting that Mr. Moyer would feel like that about Himself. As Far as I am concerned there is No Comparison! Look “As Good” as Ryan Kwanten? C’MON,MAN!! His character is nothing but a Wise-Ass and a Jerk! Steph’s Character Seeks Acceptance and Love He wants desperately to hold on to some of his humanity!
    Steph, Buddy Its Not About How your body looks in comparison to Others! Its about How your warm personality shines out from you!
    Your passion for Life and the things that are Dear to You!
    People like Me are Not drawn to your Character because of how his bod looks(At least Not for Me,Anyway) But Because He’s Soulful,Deeply troubled and struggles for respectability and Acceptance! My Friend, YOU Have More Heart in your little finger than he has in his Whole Cut Body!!
    YOU Are The Real Deal!!
    You say that You could Never look like him?? HE Could NEVER BE Like YOU!!!

  • Just wanted to say……Flabby belly or are now and will always be…A very sexy man, Stephen…Seriously!! That’s all…