Stephen Moyer Talks True Blood with The Mirror

November 1, 2009 by  

Bill-Compton-blue-eyesStephen Moyer recently talked to The Mirror about True Blood. The Mirror traveled to New Orleans to meet the hunky vampire and get a first hand taste of the southern culture which the show revolves around. The Mirror asked Stephen what he felt were the themes of True Blood. Stephen answered saying:

“I think the show represents many different things. You could watch it and think it’s a camp, frothy, sexy thriller. But equally it could be a satirical comment on society. Bill’s a vampire, an outsider that arrives in town and is ostracised, but he’s trying to be a decent man.”

Stephen was then asked if he felt it was easier filming love scenes since him and his co-star, Anna Paquin, are a real-life couple.

“I would like to think that, as a professional, if I have to have a love scene with somebody else it would be just as good!”

This led to Stephen being asked what it exactly was that made him fall for Anna. Stephen explained:

“She’s sharp, funny, brilliant, incredibly talented and an ultimate professional. She’s probably the most straight-talking woman I’ve ever met and she’s caring, generous and kind – I can’t say enough! And I think she’s beautiful.”

The Mirror concluded the interview by asking Stephen if he felt pressure as an actor to stay looking fit. Stephen answered by saying:

“I think the thing is that when you’re working against someone like Ryan (Kwanten), who is an insane body fascist, I’ve got no choice but to look as good as I can. I’m never going to look like him but, equally, when I’m 60 I don’t want to look at the DVDs and see my flabby belly.”

Well Stephen I don’t think you will have to worry about that!! We look forward to seeing more of that fit body in season 3 of True Blood!

SOURCE:  The Mirror

Photo Credit: HBO Inc.