Stephen Moyer Talks About True Blood As It Premieres In The UK

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bill_compton_season_1David Baldwin from looks at Alan Ball’s hit HBO TV vampire series True Blood as it is set to take on the UK. Mr. Baldwin states, the vampire genre is not for everyone, however True Blood is not just about vampires and will prove to UK audiences that it is so much more.

Stephen Moyer tries to explains how True Blood can appeal to a vast group of people, not only to vampire fans.

“Lots of people ask me who it’s aimed at,’ admits Moyer, ‘and the way I explain it is: imagine you’ve got a Venn diagram where one circle is vampire lovers, another is Alan Ball fans and then you have one circle which is just people who like really good drama. They all cross over in the middle and that’s where it becomes something other than just a fantasy show.”

“You wouldn’t think that a vampire show could cross over but people who don’t like the vampire genre – and, believe me, it’s not my go-to genre either – really see something different in True Blood because it’s well-written, it’s funny and it’s also quite odd.”

The complexity of True Blood has hit a cord with people from many different walks of life and as a result has become HBO’s leading show in its programming schedule.  Another reason for the show’s success is the remarkable acting talent and brooding charisma of Stephen Moyer, who had a lot of competition to contend with in order to secure the role.

‘“When I went to casting in London it was like an annual general meeting for British Equity; everyone went up for this role,’ he says. ‘But Alan saw my audition later that day and I flew over to meet him and Anna the next morning. The three of us all clicked very quickly and the next day I got the job.”

Mr. Baldwin examines the sexuality in the show and the various metaphors that they pertain to in society.  Whether it is people hooked on “V” as a new and improved version of Viagra to people’s apprehension to the accept a group of people different from themselves.

“I think what’s interesting about it is that it’s not just a gay subtext,’ says Moyer. ‘You can apply it to any minority and that’s why it works. If you asked Alan Ball if the gay thing was what he was going for, he would categorically deny it. What I love is that my character is immediately ostracised when he arrives in this little town because he’s different. Any minority or disenfranchised group can bring their metaphor to the table at that point.”

Interest in the relationship between Britain’s own Stephen Moyer and Anna Paquin have been on many people’s  lips in recently months and as Stephen explains:

“We’ve actually been together for two years now and our crew have watched us grow as a couple.” “They didn’t really know we were together while we were filming the first series.” “It’s still a bit weird when we’re doing sex scenes although when we get home and we’re in our own bed, we… kind of miss the crew a little bit.”

UK get ready to be bitten. True Blood begins on Friday, July 24, 2009 at 10PM on the FX Channel.

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  • antonio

    This certainly Is Very Visceral TV! It reaches out and goes for the jugular! It goes in for the “kill”! Its certainly Very intense,erotic and emotionally charged How Many shows can You say THAT About?? I’m glad its going over big in UK! SM is Very talented and he seems like a great guy,too! I can see why So many people like him…He’s very likable down to earth unpretentious and funny!
    I Hope there are Interviews with Him (and Much of the cast) on S2 dvds!! Steph You da bomb!! 🙂 🙂

  • pbartteacher

    Just look at that picture from Season One. Adorable. That’s what originally attracted me to this series. So darn cute. Compare Season 2 footage so far this year. They have drastically changed Stephen Moyer’s appearance this season. He is so white looking and menacing.Darker eyeliner and eyebrows. Looks like something out of “Dark Shadows”.Are they setting his character up for a new plot line (from the book?).Example: Anubis airplane hangar- watch out Leon.
    Are they setting up Alex Skarsgard’s character/Eric as not so bad. Look he didn’t kill Lafayette and even helped him heal faster with his 1000 year old “elixir of blood”. How could Sookie not be attracted to our viking vampire?

    • Nia

      I agree pbartteacher, he is what first attracted me to True Blood. I think he is beautiful. They have changed him up this season. Especially this last episode. Way too white. Like I said before, maybe Stephen was a bit naughty and spent too much time in the sun which is what he loves to do. The “Brit” in him. Like he said in his too cute interview with Conan, “when all Brits come here the first thing they do is go to the beach. If Londaon had a beach thats where we would be, but it doesn’t.” It was a fun interview by the way.
      So now here comes our handsome viking who is starting to wheedle his way into Sookies good graces. By healing Lafayette, he is sure to get some warm and fuzzies from her. I expect great drama in store for our favorite vamps. My heart still belongs to Bill though (white or not). loyal to a fault I guess. So I will keep putting my trust in Alan Ball.

      • pbartteacher

        Yeah Nia, I saw that interview on Conan. Stephen comes across as a very warm and genuine person. I can see why Anna finds him attractive and everyone else, too.
        I don’t know about warm fuzzies from Sookie quite yet for Eric but healing Lafayette will surely ingratiate himself to her. With the introduction of Queen Sophie in the last two episodes, it will be interesting to see where the plot line will venture to. Vampire Bill will be looking for Sophie’s advice about the “Maryann/maenand”character. But I wonder if they will also be introducing a new plot line from the book. You know between Sophie and Bill??

        • Nia

          In all of Stephen’s interviews and interactions with fans, he has been humorous, congenial, warm and a professional. Besides being gorgeous. How can you not love him? Whether its himself or Bill.
          I do believe that Eric will play a major part in dividing Bill and Sookie at least for a bit. I do not think Alan Ball will go as far as the books, Bill is too much of a beloved character on the show. In the previews for tonights episode, Bill asks Sookie if they could slip away to Bon Temps and Sookie says she cannot because she made a promise to Eric. The look on Bills face for that briefest of moments was a bit telling for the future. Bill is worried.
          I did not know that Bill will be going to the queen for advice about the maenad, thanks for that tidbit. I am not sure but I don’t think that there will be anything between the queen and Bill, I think that something will happen between Bill and Lorena, his maker (if she commands, he must obey, its in the books that they hook up). Drama like this, love triangles, etc., I beleive is necessary to keep the story alive, but in the background I beleive that it will always be a love story for Bill and Sookie, their ups and downs and hopefully great makeup sex.
          I did read the books. Although there was not much Bill after book 3 (yet he was always in the background, there when ever Sookie needed him and in her mind when she was distressed) and there was a large Eric presence, I never felt the great love and devotion from Eric as there was from Bill. Great sex of course but… To progress the story away from Bill, Charlaine H. had to make Sookie a character that would not forgive Bill for things (two) that he was made to do by his maker and his queen. Even when he apologized and told her that he loved her with all his being.
          I don’t know where Alan Ball will take the show, I like being surprised. I just know that I will remain a “true” fan no matter what.
          Good talking to you!

  • Nia

    He is wonderful as always. He should have been nominated for an emmy for the first season of TB. His work was outstanding. I hope in the future he will recieve the reognition he deserves.