Stephen Moyer Talks About Vampires, TV, and Dogs

September 26, 2009 by  

stephen-moyerWith people everywhere fascinated with vampires we have seen an abundance of movies, books, and tv series which cater to our vampiric needs. The three that stand out the most though are True Blood, Twilight Saga, and the new show on CW, The Vampire Diaries, which is also based off a book series. E! Online recently caught up with the True Blood star at an event he hosted with fiancee, Anna Paquin, Good Dog Animal Rescue, and asked him how he felt about these other vampire series compared to his True Blood. Stephen was not able to comment too much on the other series because he hasn’t seen either one.

“I haven’t watched Vampire Diaries, and I haven’t watched Twilight either. I haven’t even seen the end of our show yet.”

Stephen did tell E! Online what he does watch when he finds the rare time to watch a little television.

“I f–king love Breaking Bad. I’ve watched it twice through.”

Stephen even said that he would love to perhaps be on the show at some point.

“At the Emmys, I actually went and introduced myself to Vince Gilligan, the creator, because I’d love to do it. I also introduced myself to Matt Weiner, [the creator] of Mad Men—not because I want to do their shows more than True Blood, but I do love them.”

One thing the star doesn’t want to do right now is get another dog. Stephen already has his 10 year old dog, Splash, and Anna and him just rescued another dog they named Banjo.

“It’s too much work. Banjo is this little, beautiful, sweet lunatic who today we think ate either his or maybe some of Splash’s poo.”

It’s an admirable thing what Anna and Stephen are doing, trying to protect animals, and whether your Team Bill or Team Edward, anyone could appreciate that! Keep up the great work Stephen and Anna!

SOURCE:  E! Online

Photo Credit: Marie Claire