Stephen Moyer Video Interview With UK Channel 4 With Exclusive Clip

October 13, 2009 by  

Stephen-Moyer-channel-4Steve Berry from UK Channel 4 has generously provided for us here at an exclusive video clip of Stephen Moyer‘s interview with Channel 4’s web producer Tom.  We are very honored to be presented with this exclusive video clip of Stephen answering fans questions that were sent into Channel 4 to be asked of Stephen.  In this video clip, which is part of an extensive interview that is presented on Channel 4,  a fan by the name of “Bad Things” asked if Stephen had to switch roles with one of the actors playing a human character which one would he prefer to be. A fantastic video which many True Blood fans will enjoy immensely.  Once again thank you very much to Steve Berry and Channel 4 for sharing this wonderful interview with Stephen Moyer with all of us!

Click here to be taken to Channel 4’s website to watch their extensive interview with Stephen.

SOURCE:  Channel 4

(Photo credit:  Channel 4)