Stephen Moyer: Working On Steamy Scenes With Co-Star Anna Paquin

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158Stephen Moyer has recently talked to the press about his on and off screen relationship with his co-star and fiancee, Anna Paquin. Stephen admits that he is no longer phased by sex scenes.

“When I read [the script], the first thing I think is, ‘When am I gonna be getting my kit off? When have I gotta start going to the gym?!’ The first thing I do when I see the day out of days schedule for the episode is, ‘When am I in the buff? When do I have to stop eating the pork pies and start eating the egg white omelettes?!”

Stephen fell for his beautiful co-star while they were filming the pilot episode of True Blood.

“From the moment I met Anna we got on really well. There was an immediate sense of play, we starting working well together. She’s a superb actress. After the pilot I went back to London, she went to New York but we missed each other.”

Anna and Stephen recently became engaged in August. Stephen admits that being in a relationship with Anna has made it a lot easier to perform the sex scenes for True Blood.

“Well obviously it makes it (easier), I mean, being in a relationship with a person that you’re doing the work with opens up certain doors that wouldn’t be there if you were working with somebody who you weren’t with, so we are able to shoot sex scenes in a way that perhaps people who have just met weren’t able to do.”

Stephen explained that even though he feels his relationship with Anna benefits the show, they still try to keep things different.

“Obviously Anna and I weren’t an item when we started shooting, but the fact that we are… I think it benefits the show because it makes our scenes – we never want the scene to look the same as it has done before. We never try to shoot a sex scene or a love scene in the same way, which is a difficult thing to do.”

They basically try to keep it interesting for the viewers. Stephen does go on to say that they still try to keep some things personal and just between them.

“That still doesn’t mean you want everybody to see your bits. We still work for everybody not to see stuff.”

As for their off-screen romance, Stephen says he would love to have some “vampire babies” with his lovely fiance someday. Stephen went on to talk abut how much he misses London when he is away and how he also feels that True Blood is a wonderful release for fans during these hard economic times. All this Trubie knows is that the sexy Vampire Bill is an amazing character being portrayed by a very sweet, handsome and talented actor. We wish Anna and him all the best!

SOURCES:  Digital SpyFemale First, Mirror

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  • Leslie

    Just want to weigh in here on the “sex” scenes. Yes, they are great and I’ve watched them more than once but was never convinced that anyone can discern that they are a real life couple (I mean they are professional and have umpteen people around them), except for one tiny detail, which I’ve seen twice. Bill’s fingers very gently stroke her foreheard in such a gentle touching way, that I cant’t imagine an actor would automatically do that with someone he had no connection to. I’m sure there was no direction here and it was an organic moment.

  • antonio

    I had just streamed some video of Bill and Sookie’s “love scenes”. I had not seen much of the 1st season,So I’m seeing clips here and there. Hot and Steamy?? They sure as Heck ARE!!
    These are Incredibly Sexy!! There is a very potent chemistry between SM and AP its just Unbelievable…They scorch the screen! If you have Any smoke detectors about,I certainly wouldnt watch Any of the B&S love scenes as they might set it off!! LOL I thought the secene where they walk together in season 1 was sweet And sensual. “I can smell the sunlight on your skin” Incredibly sensual and sweet at the same time.
    These scenes msy be somewhat explicit…But they are also provacative and moving as well. Some of these scenes have almost moved me to tears. The love between them is just So Real!
    I can see now why many of you are All for Bill & Sookie.
    I have yet to see an entire episode from season 1, But it seems that This love of theirs just lights up the screen and scorches it! It makes me wish I had a relationship as intense and as passionate as what they have. Yes, There is strong sexual content and nudity But the writing on the show is excellent and the acting marvelous. I was telling someone about the show recently “Isnt that show Dirty?” It Can be quite graphic at times but I said it was my favorite show and its an escape for me and many others from the routine of daily life.
    I can see Now what Nia meant when she said this show touched her in so many ways…I feel the same is true of Me,Also!
    At First, I thought Well He is just using her for sex and for blood,But, I can see Now they they have a Really strong love relationship and they care so much for each other…Its Heartwarming and Insprational to see…If Not sometimes Very Sexy!! Its Not Just about the sex and violence its Also about the relationships of the people in town and about their lives.
    Mostly about SS and her love for BC. The fact that 2 other guys,Namely Eric and Sam want her also drives the show and makes it that much more irresistable to watch.
    There was a fan made video of Some of Bill & Sookie’s best “Love” moments and the song “Love Is a Stranger” by the Eurythmics playing in the background This video was just So Sexy So Hot When the line of the song “Love is a Danger of a Different Kind” I thought of B&S and their strange,intense meeting But then Most of their early relationship WAS Like That!! LOL
    “And I WANT You And I WANT You So SO Bad Obsession!”
    Wow!! I thought This Pretty Much Says It ALL!!!
    Thats How I feel about this show!!! LOL
    Could iit be possible to OD on Bill and Sookie??
    I Dont Know…LOL
    The Hot Vampire sex is incredible!
    I’m also moved by the love angle,too

  • antonio

    It’s always nice to read articles about how these actors feel about their work. It must be hard to stick to a diet and a work out regimen in order to look buff enough. I admire his honesty.
    Its 1 thing for Us,the viewers, to watch these hot love scenes But let’s remember that these sex scenes are being filmed in front of a whole unit crew. They may be fun to Watch But Maybe Not All that fun to Film. Getting naked in front of a large group of people Directors,Producers,Writers,Camerapeople,Lighting people,props etc. I recall that Sam Trammell said that getting naked in front of all those hard working people was Not really fun.
    In fact he said it was awkward when some of the guys working onset looked away or blocked their faces with their hands so as not to see him nude. He said that was kind of awkward.
    It must be difficult lying unclothed on a big bed on a soundstage with Unit directors barking direction suggestions at you. We should consider this.
    Its nice to hear about his love for Anna
    Always a pleasure to read about Steph and hear his thoughts on the show and the cast.
    Go Team Bill!!

    • Nia

      Always enjoy reading your comments antonio.
      You are right. Doing sexy scenes in front of a bunch of people watching is not easy (unless of course you are into that).
      We should always be grateful to all the actors for what they do for our entertainment.
      I admire Stephens honesty, humor and his admiration/love for the rest of the cast.
      A “TRUE” professional.
      I am and will always be Team True Blood!

  • Nia

    I am enjoying reading all the wonderful aricles about this amazing actor and man.
    Soaking in all the BILL love here.
    So much talent and genuine warmth in our handsome Stephen.
    Anna is a very lucky lady.
    As for little vampire babies, they would be so adoreable.
    His great looks but with fangs and a little itsy bitsy gap in the front teeth!
    Nursing would be HE$L! Just kidding.
    As always, best of luck to both Stephen and Anna.
    Looking forward anxiously to season 3.

  • Steve and Anna vampire babies would be soooooo cute in the future! Best wishes for the two of them!