Stephen Moyer: Working On Steamy Scenes With Co-Star Anna Paquin

October 8, 2009 by  

158Stephen Moyer has recently talked to the press about his on and off screen relationship with his co-star and fiancee, Anna Paquin. Stephen admits that he is no longer phased by sex scenes.

“When I read [the script], the first thing I think is, ‘When am I gonna be getting my kit off? When have I gotta start going to the gym?!’ The first thing I do when I see the day out of days schedule for the episode is, ‘When am I in the buff? When do I have to stop eating the pork pies and start eating the egg white omelettes?!”

Stephen fell for his beautiful co-star while they were filming the pilot episode of True Blood.

“From the moment I met Anna we got on really well. There was an immediate sense of play, we starting working well together. She’s a superb actress. After the pilot I went back to London, she went to New York but we missed each other.”

Anna and Stephen recently became engaged in August. Stephen admits that being in a relationship with Anna has made it a lot easier to perform the sex scenes for True Blood.

“Well obviously it makes it (easier), I mean, being in a relationship with a person that you’re doing the work with opens up certain doors that wouldn’t be there if you were working with somebody who you weren’t with, so we are able to shoot sex scenes in a way that perhaps people who have just met weren’t able to do.”

Stephen explained that even though he feels his relationship with Anna benefits the show, they still try to keep things different.

“Obviously Anna and I weren’t an item when we started shooting, but the fact that we are… I think it benefits the show because it makes our scenes – we never want the scene to look the same as it has done before. We never try to shoot a sex scene or a love scene in the same way, which is a difficult thing to do.”

They basically try to keep it interesting for the viewers. Stephen does go on to say that they still try to keep some things personal and just between them.

“That still doesn’t mean you want everybody to see your bits. We still work for everybody not to see stuff.”

As for their off-screen romance, Stephen says he would love to have some “vampire babies” with his lovely fiance someday. Stephen went on to talk abut how much he misses London when he is away and how he also feels that True Blood is a wonderful release for fans during these hard economic times. All this Trubie knows is that the sexy Vampire Bill is an amazing character being portrayed by a very sweet, handsome and talented actor. We wish Anna and him all the best!

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