Stephen Moyer’s Biography

November 15, 2008 by  

Stephen Moyer was born in Brentwood, Essex of England in the year of 1971. He has a son name Billy (who was born in 2000) and a daughter name Lilac (who was born in 2002). In October of 2007, he bacame Brentwood Theatre’s first patron especially in supporting their “Reaching Out, Building On” campaign to help fund the 2008 completion of backstage facilities.

His most recent television & film role is the tall, dark, and mysterious Bill Compton of True Blood in which he plays the vampire who is looking to make a small town in Louisiana his home. Where he meets Anna Paquin’s character Sookie Stackhouse who seems to be very much attracted to him. During his career as an actor he has had the pleasure of working with many actors and actresses on different film and television projects such as: Kiera Knightley from The Princess Of Thieves movie as well as Geoffrey Rush and Kate Winslet from the movie Quills. On the Hollywood side he has worked with Debra Messing from the show The Starter Wife as well as Al Pacino in 88 Minutes. And most recently Anna Paquin from the HBO’s show True Blood. In theatre he has played many roles in famous plays such as The Man In The Iron Mask with the Vic Young Theatre as well as Romeo and Juliet with the Oxford Stage Company.

He made his first debut on television in 1993 in the british show Conjugal Rites and ever since than he has been making appearances both in british film and british television. In 1997, he made his first big break in the british movie Prince Valiant where he played the title character Prince Valiant.

These days you can find him on HBO every Sunday night at 9 PM Eastern Standard Time Zone in his most recent television show True Blood where he plays the talk, dark, and mysterious vampire Bill Compton.