Straw Dogs Comes To Vivian, Louisiana

September 4, 2009 by  

eric-hboAlexander Skarsgard‘s latest project, the 1971 classic Sam Peckinpah film ”Straw Dogs,” has come to Vivian, Louisiana helping boost the local economy as the production crew prepares to shoot in the town for 2 days.

“Trailers are everywhere. Over there at the city park you can’t even get through there,” Vivian resident Kate Kennedy said.

Local residents are happy to have Hollywood coming to their town and providing jobs for locals as extras and some excitement. It may cause some minor inconveniences but it is a small price to pay for the boom that it brings to the local economy.

“Little bit of an inconvenience, but it’d be good for the town, puts us on the map a little bit more,” Vivian resident Daniel Allen said.

Jason Bauer is just one of the many people benefiting from the production crew being in town.  His hardware store is being used to shoot a scene for the movie.  Customers will have to enter through the back of the store while  filming is in progress but he doesn’t mind.

“It gives it a different scenery to the town. It’s action. And anything like that is good for a town like this,” says Mr. Bauer.

The whole town is expected to get a boost. Local police officers will be paid overtime for security. Area residents will be extras. And, that’s not all. even though filming will only last for two days, the visual effects to the town will last longer.  Some of the century old buildings received some new paint and a much needed facelift.

“Long overdue. I think they’ve done a great job doctoring up our community a little bit,” Mike Van Schoick, owner of General Wholesale said.

Shooting for “Straw Dogs” is scheduled to wrap up October 12th.

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