Stylist Reveals True Blood Fashion Secrets

September 6, 2009 by  

queensophieanneAs every episode of True Blood unfolds mysteries so is the fashion style of every character. And we’ve already seen Sookie‘s clingy outfits, Maryann’s Bohemian-inspired ensemble, Pam’s classy suits, and even Eric’s cross-dressing moment.

Audrey Fisher, True Blood‘s costume designer, recently spilled out the secrets to where she finds those gilt-edged outfits.

She revealed that she wants to keep the clothes as “real” as possible, which means shopping at places where the characters would actually shop.

“I’ve shopped for most of the cast at Walmart, Kohl’s, K-Mart, JCPenney, Sears — all stores that real people from Bon Temps could afford.”

This season also unveils Sookie’s quite revealing and clingy outfits.

“Her style has evolved. She’s become confident in her sexuality and that shows in how she dresses for both Bill and herself, but still she will always be a ladylike Southern belle, flirty and feminine but never too brassy.”

Regarding Queen Sophie-Anne‘s looks, she said that it was their agreement between director Dan Minahan and Alan Ball to have a retro-glam look for the vampire queen.

“I wanted the Queen’s costume to both be inspired and framed by that extravagant environment. I imagined her as a seductive siren in lush, peachy nude, like the inside of a seashell, sprinkled with pearls, glamorous, fierce…”

Thus, this led to her finding of a lovely long gown at Les Habitudes on Robertson Boulevard in Los Angeles. The Queen’s retro white swim apparel that we’ve seen on the last episode was from Norma Kamali. Her cat-eye sunglasses were vintage and the chandelier earrings were found at Loehmanns.

Fisher added,

“I wanted to keep her (the queen) in light colors because of the ironic clarity and intensity of her dark power as the Queen of Louisiana. At first blush, she’s a deceptively lovely seashell goddess — who will suck you dry — then in her retro white swimsuit she simply overwhelms with glamor and won’t let you leave, ever. She’s dazzling and dangerous.”

And if you’re wondering if the dress worn by Alexander Skarsgard for Eric’s cross-dressing moment was especially made for him, here’s what Fisher said:

“We were able to buy larger sizes of Lettie Mae’s outfit, which fit just fine with a few alterations. I love putting Alex in all of these delusional outfits.”


(Photo Credit: HBO Inc.)