The Pros and Cons of Supernatural Love – True Blood Contest Winner

April 11, 2010 by  

Wow!  We had a fabulous response to our contest with well over a hundred entries.  Good work, Truebies!

There were some obvious themes in your responses.  Many of the vampire GF/BF pros were about vampire … umm… skills and staying power and apparently the main appeal of werewolf GF/BFs is that they are warm and cuddly.  The cons for both tended towards blood and meat, although fleas were also a real downside for the weres.

It was a really hard task to pick the winner out of so many great entries, but here is the result.

The Winner
Our favorite response was sent in by Tracie whose dry, dry wit produced this:

Vampire Pro – Will happily take care of anyone who does you wrong, displeases you or really pisses you off.

Vampire Con – Will happily take care of anyone who does you wrong, displeases you or really pisses you off.

For her sterling effort Tracie has won the TruBlood Party Pack supplied by  FMCG Manufacturing.  Congratulations, Tracie!

But there were so many other notable entries that we just had to share some of them with you that caught out eyes.

Vampire Pro: Never need to find a can opener again when opening a Carnation Condensed Milk can… just have them bite the top.

Werewolf Pro – Loves to take long rides in the car with the top down.

Vampire Con – You now have to worry about “who” is stuck in his teeth.

Vampire Con – YOU may be the romantic dinner.

Werewolf Con – if you tell her to make you a sandwich, she might literally make you a sandwich.

Werewolf Con – worrying that your bf/gf may get caught by animal control on one of their full moon adventures. imagine the explaining you would have to do, haha.

Werewolf Con – diamonds, not dogs, are a girl’s best friend…

And congratulations also to Tisha for coining the term werewolf “moonstruation”.  LOL!

  • Tracie Black

    I am tickled pink to win. Thanks True Blood Net! I can’t wait to see how the tequila is going to taste with TruBlood!

  • Loleaf

    Thanks for the props Patty!! And congrats Tracie!!! Enjoy 🙂