Get the Perfect Gift for an Alexander Skarsgard Fan

November 20, 2010

Make the Holidays Special for an Alex Fan

Help Alexander Skarsgard‘s favorite team this season and shop for that hard-to-buy-for fan or yourself. has started selling Alexander Skarsgård-signed Hammarby IF (Alex’s favorite soccer team in Stockholm) merchandise in support of Bajen Aid. You have until November 22nd to purchase a woman’s Hammarby signed thong, or a green or white Hammarby team support bracelet.

Most Alex signed items will be sold and or auctioned off in the days to come including exclusive True Blood memorabilia and Straw Dogs memorabilia. For all you SVM fans, will be auctioning off Alex’s first three Charlaine Harris Southern Vampire Mystery books that he bought and read when he found out he got the role of Eric Northman. These are all signed and include his notes and highlights.

Green bracelets:
White bracelets:

Just a quick reminder: These are exclusive items, and there are limited quantities available! Get them while you can!

What is Bajen Aid?

Alexander Skarsgård’s favorite fotboll team is basically going bankrupt due to bad luck and bad management and he has put out a call for help to all Hammarby fans.

Hammarby supporters have teamed up to help their beloved club.. And even though the commitment has been great recently, it is still a long way to go before they secure their football club’s survival.

Together, with many Hammarby supporters, whom are eternally tired of the “black hole” which swallows Hammarby’s economy and therefore they have chosen to start the non-profit Bajen Aid where everyone who wants to make a difference is more than welcome to join.

Alex writes…

I know, it’s not about cancer research. Or fighting against Japanese whaling. But everyone who ever has been to Söderstadion and who has seen 15,000 fans standing up singing “Just idag är jag stark” (Just today I am strong) understands that a world without Hammarby Football would be a bit poorer. At least for some of us.

During my whole childhood and adolescence Söderstadion and the supporter section was a home. It could be rowdy and sometimes hot-tempered in the stands, but you were always welcome and I enjoyed a spirit of community which I still haven’t found anywhere else. When we walked back home over the Skanstull bridge feeling disappointed an older guy would always turn up and put his arm around your shoulders and wheeze “We’ll take them next time” (This was in the early 90’s, light years before Swedish Championship gold and top placing in the Allsvenskan).

Hammarby’s board was often the object of scorn by us the supporters. They were mumbling local restaurant alcoholics who couldn’t even get through the nine-year compulsory school, we were saying at the pubs around Medis (Medborgarplatsen) after yet another bad season. But it was difficult to get really angry. They were after all Bajen people. They were trying. Today it is easier to get really angry. The internal fighting and the individuals with self-interest take over from each other and Hammarby is torn apart in front of our eyes.

I have two humble requests to all Hammarby fans around the country.

The first one: Let’s promise each other to never let someone into Hammarby’s board who has a different agenda than what is best for Hammarby Football. If someone would get in who sees the opportunity to rob a piece of the cookie then he should be asked to leave the club by 15000 polite fans.

The second one: Become a member of Hammarby Football. If you aren’t a member you can’t go to the meetings nor vote. In my opinion this means that you are disenfranchised the right to sit in the pubs round Medis swearing over the fact that the club is mismanaged.

Obviously we need a competent board who knows how to manage a company. Preferably people who made it through the nine-year compulsory school. But I want to see members of the board who understand that Hammarby is more than a company. I have no friends who have tattooed AstraZeneca on their chest or named their son Stora Enso. Sadly there seem to be forces in the board rooms of today that do not understand this.

Ultras, guys, Christmas Trees and oil skin coats…

It is we who are Hammarby.

Alexander Skarsgård

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True Blood’s Alexander Skarsgard Donates Item to Save Sweden’s Hammarby

October 29, 2010

Autographed Movie to Help Bajen Aid

Bajen Aid Auction ItemTrue Blood‘s Alexander Skarsgard donated a bunch of items to to help raise funds for Bajen Aid.  Bajen Aid is a non-profit organization raising funds to help save Skarsgard’s favorite soccer team Hammarby from going bankrupt.  This week’s item is an autographed copy of the romantic comedy Hundricket the Movie(translated The Dog Trick).  The 2002 movie was personally signed by Skarsgard on October 3, 2010 while he was visiting Stockholm, Sweden. This rare Regional 2 (UK) formatted copy with no English subtitles is available for bidding by fans on eBay, beginning October 27 and will run 10 days. Click here to bid. All proceeds will be donated to Bajen Aid.

Alexander Skarsgard Signing Bajen Aid Item

Source: – New Item Up for Auction in Our Fight to Save Hammarby

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True Blood Items to be Auctioned off Live in Stockholm

September 27, 2010

On October 2, Bajen Aid will be hosting a live auction that will feature memorabilia from True Blood as well as from movies like Straw Dogs. The auction will take place in Stockholm on October 2, 2010 in order to raise money for the Hammarby football club. Alexander Skarsgard will be there in person to present the memorabilia from True Blood, Straw Dogs, and more.

If you’re lucky enough to live in Stockholm, swing on down to the auction wearing your Hammarby jersey. (If you don’t have one you can get one from the Hammarby Shop on Hornsgatan 98 or visit the online shop at

To learn more about the event check out

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