True Blood’s Final Act- Season 4 Losses

September 24, 2011

The Characters We Lost This Season on True Blood:

Kevin Alejandro as Jesus Season 4 finaleIt’s not a foreign concept that the writers of HBO’s True Blood aren’t shy about racking up the body count during an episode. And the season four finale is nothing short of an extraordinary bloodbath. A number of reoccurring characters met their demise. Let’s take a look at them and remember their final moments.

Jesus Velasquez
Played by: Kevin Alejandro

On his character’s death, Kevin Alejandro said:

“I found out Jesus was going to die around the first episode, and they were really cool about it, like ‘This is nothing you did. Happy relationships are just boring.’ And they’re right- it makes for great drama. I think the final episode is going to be really touching.”

Jessica Tuck as Nan FlanaganNan Flanagan
Played by: Jessica Tuck

On her death scene, Jessica Tuck said:

“There ain’t no way back from the True Death. Plus, the one good thing about being shown the True Death is that when you squirt with blood, you’re not the one who gets covered with it- it’s everyone that’s in your way. Stephen Moyer drove a stake through my heart, but I then got him back by just covering him in gooey blood.”

Debbie Pelt
Played by: Brit Morgan

Brit Morgan as Debbie Pelt S4Ep11On her death scene, Brit Morgan said:

“…It was so cool because I got to fire a real gun, and they had my brains on the wall with Debbie’s hair in it…Plus every time Anna [Paquin] and I get to fight, it’s just awesome- a punch, a fall. It’s by far the most fun I’ve ever had.”

Tara Thorton
Played by: Rutina Wesley

Rutina Wesley as Tara ThorntonOn her death scene, Rutina Wesley said:

“Shooting that scene was very hard and emotional. I think everybody on set shed a tear that day; it was really tough to get through. When you see someone that you’ve lived with and breathed with for four years come to some kind of end, it’s very powerful- and sad. It’s really hard to play dead when you’re about to cry.”

R.I.P. Tommy, Marnie, Jesus, Nan, Debbie, (and Tara…?)


Source Credit: HBO – True Blood: Season 4 Finale: Final Act
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Video: Brit Morgan Talks to Maxim About Being Debbie Pelt

August 17, 2011

Check Out Brit’s Hot New Shoot!

Brit Morgan, Debbie Pelt on HBO's True BloodRecently, Brit Morgan, who plays Debbie Pelt on HBO’s True Blood, talked to Maxim. She discusses what it like to do a shoot with them, what she looks for in a man and what it’s like to be on True Blood.

Make sure you check out the video for the full interview!


Source: Maxim – Brit Morgan: Ferociously Sexy

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A Little Birdie Told Me — True Blood PSAs Part 2

August 8, 2011

New PSAs From True Blood For “It Gets Better”:

This second article is courtesy of True Blood’s official YouTube page.  Stephen Moyer, Anna Paquin, Nelsan Ellis, and Brit Morgan made “It Gets Better” PSAs for The Trevor Project. In these PSAs they talk about personal experiences with bullying.

Stephen Moyer’s message begins with:

“I’ve got two children who come home from school sometimes as if the world is at an end…”

Nelsan Ellis shares:

“I was talked about growing up because I was the odd kid, I was strange in my family and later in life I learned to embrace who I was and all of my differences because I realized they make me beautiful.”

Brit Morgan talks about being made fun of because of her medical condition:

“I totally know how you feel. I had a particular experience growing up. I had really, really severe scoliosis and I had to wear this back brace, I was really, really crooked, and I walked funny and had a hunch on my back. I remember being in middle school and I remember being in high school, and I remember how bad I used to get picked on.”

Anna Paquin says:

“The thing about bullying is that it makes you feel like you’re alone, it makes you feel like there’s something wrong with you. It makes you feel like you can’t go and talk to someone because they won’t understand… it gets better. It’s just as simple as that.”

Hey Truebies, if you feel picked on or alone and need help please call 1-866-4-U-TREVOR, or visit or

Source: True Blood official YouTube page


HBO – Inside True Blood with Brit Morgan

April 20, 2011

Brit Morgan as Debbie PeltThe Actor Who Plays Debbie Pelt Talks About Table Reads

In TV world, table reading a script is an important part of the acting process. It helps the actors get a feel for the next episode, as well as lets the director and writers see any flaws in the script.

Recently Gianna Sobol talked to Brit Morgan (the actress who plays Debbie Pelt) about this process on HBO’s Inside True Blood. Here’s what she had to say.

While she found the whole process very nerve-wracking, it was also a chance for her to view the rest of the episode, as well as meet with actors and characters that she didn’t normally perform with.

I sat next to Kristin Bauer last week and she said, “Gosh, aren’t these so nerve-wracking?!” And I just took the biggest sigh of relief, knowing I’m not the only one who gets nervous about them!

The seating arrangements on these events are normally pre organised although malleable to a degree, with Brit generally sitting across from Alcide, and in the general vicinity of Sookie.

While table reads are quite often a cold read of the script, some people like to prepare first. Brit is one who likes to come to the table with a little insight:

I do prepare a little. I think I’m still so amazed that I’m on this show and I respect the people I’m working with so much, that I always want to do a good job. I don’t do a full on “performance,” but I definitely have a strong idea of what I’m going in with.

Source: HBO Inside True Blood – The Truth About Table Reads… from Brit Morgan

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True Blood’s Kristin Bauer, Sam Trammell At Chicago’s C2E2

March 23, 2011

True Blood Panel Highlight of Convention:

True Blood's Kristin Bauer van StratenThe Chicago Sun-Times listed a few highlights from the pop culture/comic convention C2E2, which took place last weekend (March 18 – 20) in Chicago.

The True Blood Q&A Panel featured Brit Morgan (Debbie Pelt), Kristin Bauer van Straten (Pam), and Sam Trammell (Sam Merlotte), answering questions and signing autographs.  The price for an autograph from Kristin was between $30-$60.

Kristin has been to conventions in Boston, New York, Atlanta, and the granddaddy of them all, Comic-Con International in San Diego.  She finds them refreshing and fun, as working long days on set can be “slow and decidedly unglamorous”.  She explains:

“You go to the convention, and all of a sudden you’re a rock star and you get accolades for the whole production.  What’s so interesting about it is that you get a real survey of what you shot six months ago that apparently worked.”

By now, she knows what to expect.  Fans offer up anything from gifts to favorite quotes from the show.  Some are a bit more shy:

“Some people are very quiet.  I want to talk — ‘Hi, how ya doing? Where you from?’  And some will kind of giggle and look at the ground and try to get away from me.  Then there’s that 2 percent where you’re not really sure what they’re saying.”

It’s awesome that she and the rest of the cast are so generous with their time, and friendly to the fans.  It makes us love True Blood even more, don’t you think, Truebies?

Sources: Chicago Sun-Times – C2E2 Highlights Include Chris Hemsworth, Kristin Bauer

Chicago Sun-Times – C2E2 Swings into Chicago

(Photo Credit: HBO, Inc.)


Kristin Bauer, Sam Trammell, and Brit Morgan to Attend C2E2

February 18, 2011

True Blood Cast to Appear in Chicago

C2E2_Logo4aMarch is rapidly approaching and with it, the opportunity to see members of the True Blood cast in person.  As TBN previously reported, PaleyFest 2011 will be held in Beverly Hills, CA on March 5. But another March event has just been added!

If you are a Truebie who is unable to attend PaleyFest, you’re in luck! The Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo (C2E2) recently announced that True Blood stars Kristin Bauer (Pamela Swynford De Beaufort), Sam Trammell (Sam Merlotte), and Brit Morgan (Debbie Pelt) will be in attendance. So if you live in the Chicago area or are planning to be in town March 18-20 you may want to plan a visit to the West Building at McCormick Place to see our beloved cast members in person.

The True Blood trio will be participating in a Q&A panel on Saturday afternoon so if you have a burning question about the show you will have an opportunity to ask it there. In addition to the panel, the actors will also be signing autographs at the 258 West Authentic Signatures booth at some point during the three day event. No specific schedule has been released for that, but it will be posted when and if it becomes available.

Will you be attending C2E2? Tell us in the comment section below!

Sources: The Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo– Official Website– “True Blood Takes a Bite Out of Chicago”

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Brit Morgan Spends Time Off from True Blood Filming New Movie

November 4, 2010

She Wants Me is in Production in Los Angeles, California

Brit Morgan, who plays True Blood's Debbie Pelt, on the set of her new film, She Wants MeBrit Morgan, who plays psycho were and V addict Debbie Pelt on True Blood, was photographed on the set of her new film, She Wants Me, in Los Angeles, California.  Looking very blond and cute in a short blue dress, she flashed a smile for photographers in-between takes.

She Wants Me follows the tale of a neurotic writer Sam, played by Josh Gad (The Rocker), who is making his next feature film and becomes conflicted when an A-list starlet character shows interest in playing the lead role, which he has already promised to girlfriend and struggling actress, Sammy, played by Kristen Ruhlin (Descent). Morgan plays Sammy’s insensitive and overbearing good friend, Carly, who definitely means well, but tends to incessantly talk about herself.

She Wants Me is currently in production and is scheduled to release sometime next year.

Source: — Brit Morgan on the set of her new movie ‘She Wants Me’

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Brit Morgan Talks About Debbie Pelt and her “True Blood Initiation”

July 13, 2010

Brit Morgan, who portrays Alcide’s trailer trash ex-girlfriend Debbie Pelt in Season 3 of True Blood, sat down with HBO to talk about her character and what we can expect to see.  In Debbie’s first episode she is stripped down to her underwear, passed around a bar full of werewolves and then branded.  No easing into the job for Brit!  She tells HBO:

Debbie is a passionate, ballsy, kick-ass lady who’s going through a bit of a rough patch, dealing with her ex-boyfriend Alcide and being branded into this new group of werewolves.  Then Sookie crosses her path, and it’s kind of all downhill from there.”

Brit says that she can identify with Debbie‘s insecurities and her outspoken nature.  Stepping into the role of a villain is no easy task.  How did she feel about taking on this role?

“Um, pressure. Really exciting.  Totally surprising. I didn’t even know how bad-ass I was going to get to be. I  just wanted to do Debbie justice.  I meet people all the time who talk about stuff that Debbie did in the books, and I just kind of explain, “It’s a little different in the series…”  Because I have a drug addiction and kind of a trailer-trash thing going on, which wasn’t in the books.  So that’s a big difference there. I hope people like the changes.”

Brit explains that this season, we will see a “tornado of a woman” in Debbie. With the drugs, the jealousy, resentment, etc. it makes for an interesting character.  Debbie will continue to go downhill and given the potential match of Alcide and Sookie we can only imagine that a lot of her anger will be directed at Sookie.

Any actor/actress who joins the cast of True Blood accepts that at some point they will likely have to strip out of their clothes.  HBO asked Brit how it felt to be stripped down on her first day.  She responded:

“My first day at work – it was my “True Blood” initiation.  I’m not gonna lie: it was totally liberating and one of the most awesome things I’ve ever done.  I was thinking “I will never again be in a room full of 100 bikers who are tearing my clothes off.”  It was insane, and great in the moment.  Once the weekend came, I kinda sat back and was like “I can’t believe what just happened. I feel violated…[laughs]”

We are looking forward to watching Debbie Pelt stir things up.


Photo Credit: HBO Inc.


Brit Morgan Found Freedom in Debbie’s Craziness

July 13, 2010

One episode of True Blood with Debbie Pelt, and already we can see that she means trouble. Alcide’s psycho ex has gotten herself addicted to V and initiated into a violent pack of weres. She says she wants Alcide to leave her alone, but for some reason, actress Brit Morgan says Debbie goes on “a rampage against Sookie.” In an interview with TV Guide, Brit talks about how accepting the cast was and how she sees her character.

Brit was nervous at first, but working on the show became one of the best experiences of her life. She read the books in Charlaine Harris‘ series that featured Debbie, although she saw some differences between how she was portrayed on the show.

Alan Ball and the writers took her to a “whole new level of crazy. They also amped up the trailer trash aspect. Nothing is too much. There are no limitations around me. I got to do whatever I wanted with her. There’s nothing better than playing crazy when everyone else is just encouraging it.”

Brit did a great job in “9 Crimes,” and it will be interesting to see how her role develops over the rest of Season 3!


(Photo credit: HBO, Inc.)


VIDEO: Deborah Ann Woll Interviews Brit Morgan

June 20, 2010

HBO has released a series of videos with the cast of True Blood introducing the new cast members for season 3. Some you may have already seen, but here is one more featuring Deborah Ann Woll chatting with Brit Morgan aka Debbie Pelt . Enjoy!

Truebies & Newbies: Jessica & Debbie

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